Naomi's Salvation Story

October 13, 2010

Won't you praise the LORD with us?

Last night the children were having a hard time going to bed and I was frustrated with them. FINALLY, after a (ahem) consequence it was quiet. Then there was a knock on my door. "Mom, I'm scared." Was this just another "I want to stay up 24 hours" trick?

Naomi came and climbed into bed with me. I rattled off a few verses about trusting the Lord etc etc. My heart was not in it. I just wanted her to go to sleep. Then she started asking lots of questions. I was so tired and the temptation to silence her was strong. But I answered her (only half heartedly I confess)

"But I want to make sure I go to heaven, momma!"

"Well, the only way is if you are born again." (lots of discussion and questions)

"Momma, PLEEEASE tell me how I can be born again. I want to be born again."

What a joy it was to hear my little girl pray so simply "Dear Lord, I want to be born again and please help me not to be scared anymore."

Was that the end? NO! She was overcome with joy and sorrow. Confessions poured out, I thought it would never end. In between confessions, she would clap her hands and giggle about how she was going to heaven and couldn't wait. What a miracle new birth is!

Praise the LORD with us. Naomi Santos is born again!

P.S. a quote from seven year old Naomi:

"Momma, I guess it's true! God DOES work everything out for good. I was scared so I came to your room. If I wasn't scared I never would have come to get born again!"


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