January 27, 2014

No teasing

We recently figured out his name. GEORGE! Of course, that's his name. It fits him perfectly...Sir George, the slayer of dragons, my knight in shining armour.

I've known him for quite a while, but never called him by his name. He was just there.

Over this last year, though, I have become quite dependent on him. When we discovered his name, the children instantly began calling him Jorge (pronounced hor-hey). I occasionally tease by calling him Georgie Porgie.

He loves it.

I don't mind being together for a little time, but when it is more than an hour or two, I want to get away from him. I've never let him in the house, it wouldn't be right. Even so, he is a faithful friend. He continues to hang around the property; he likes to be available whenever I need him.

We love the same music. Flamenco guitar seems to suit George best, we are happy together when we play it loudly.

Some days are wet, or cold; I can always count on him to work quickly to keep me warm and dry. Such a friend! He always carries my stuff, without fail, even my purse, no matter how cumbersome or heavy, and he is willing to go anywhere with me.

Often, we will go shopping together; he patiently waits for me, never complaining. Isn't that great?

I almost revealed to Mr. Santos how I took a nap with George while the children were in their violin class. But, No. I decided to keep it to myself. I didn't want to cause him any pain or jealousy. Still, it would have been fun to see his reaction to:

"Mr. Santos, George held me gently, while I took a nap with him. We were waiting for the children to finish class."

Do you also name your cars?


  1. I must compliment you on the punchline to this story. I really didn't see it coming.

    However, to answer the question, I named the first car that I had, a Jeep Wrangler, of all things. It's been QUITE a while, but if I remember I nicknamed "her" Persephone. I remember that I did have some playful reason stemming from an allusion to the original myth, but for the life of me I can't remember anymore what it was. It was fun though.

    1. I agree with your first sentence, Rob. Laura was very clever in this story.

      I had to go look up the name, "Persephone". I'd never heard it, but it sounded too good to not be true. I found the meaning in Greek - "Bringer of destruction". I had a good laugh. It is a perfect name for a car, say, just purchased from a shady used car salesman. lol. Then, I scrolled down (on babynames.com) and saw there were actually several pretty little girls with this name! What??!!

  2. Haha! So funny. I have named our cars - especially the old klunker ones. It's usually the name, "Nellie". I love what you've named yours, especially thinking of the Sir George, the Dragon Slayer!!

  3. I'm thankful for the car the Lord has blessed me with. It is now almost 13 years old and still runs great even during this cold weather ( here in Michigan ) below zero, ouch! Yeah it sounds a little grumpy and achy in this freezing weather, but he still goes while others quit and die on the sides of the road. Truly it has been a blessing for me.

  4. :-) George/Jorge is a good name.
    We mostly call the old ('94) Buick outside the "Berry Bomb" since it is burgundy and we don't know if it might just go completely kaput one day.

  5. Wow, thanks everyone for your participation! I love it! When I was in my early twenties I taught a girls Bible study and had to pick most of them up for the class. I had a very long and wide (buick?) I don't know. It was one of those huge cars that you can crash into a brick wall and it would make no difference. It was baby blue and back fired at every red light. The girls would all cower down as low as possible to avoid being seen. We fit five across the front seat and seven in the back. Her name was Queen Jane.

  6. Our van is Robertita. You should hear how wally says "Robertita". So funny. Mike's truck is Robert. His old F1 is also Robert, because the two trucks are "twins". The boys wanted to name our van Robert, but I insisted she was a girl and needed a girl name, hence, Robertita. :). George is my favorite name. Wanted both Wally and Jeremiah to be named George. But Mike wasn't into it so much... plus we know so many Georges and Jorges. lol. This was a clever and funny post. Love you. Praying for you and the kids.

  7. Laura how do you get the links to similar posts to show up at the bottoms of your posts? I don't see any way of putting anything there....?

    1. Susan, there are some grey words that say link within. Follow that link and it will tell you how to put it on your own blog.

  8. I have never name a car!! My friend has names her iPad which I thought wa quite funny:)) you tell a great story .


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