January 08, 2014

January, 2014

For Today

Wednesday night, January 8, 2014

Outside our window...

Big puddles, Dripping rain gutters, Wet sidewalk
but, I am dreaming of ...

I am thankful...

Middle Skittle is no longer angry. Life can be tough for a ten-year-old.

I'm thankful that she went to bed peacefully, having forgiven and having been forgiven.

I am wearing...

Lavender essential oil

From the kitchen..

We enjoyed

Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwiches

Creamy Tomato Soup

Fresh fruit

A simple meal after the busyness of violin classes and orchestra practice,
not to mention all the driving in the rain.

I am learning...

God loves me.

I don't think we ever stop learning this.

that according to the riches of his glory he may grant you to be strengthened with power through his Spirit in your inner being, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith--that you, being rooted and grounded in love,

may have strength to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and length and height and depth, and to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, 

that you may be filled with all the fullness of God. Ephesians 3:16-19

I am creating...

A compilation of children's stories to publish.
I am going... 

to Disneyland. No really, I am.

I am remembering...

Spring and Summer.

Do you remember them too?

Maybe if you're on the other side of the world you are remembering Winter.

Winter is fine, he says, "Hi."

I am reading...


What? Are you surprised?
One doesn't need to enjoy cooking to enjoy recipes.

It all started with regular visits to the orthodontist and the words:
"Seared scallops with cucumber and jalapeƱo"

Around the house...

The Christmas nativities are still on display...and the poinsettias.

Do I have to put them away?

A quote to share...

"Good night, God bless you, See ya tomorrow, I love you!!"

This salutation made from a child snuggled in her quilts is a sure sign of peace at The Times.

Some of my favorite things...

Answers to tough questions and the people who answer them.

A few plans for the rest of the month...

A whole month?

I plan on getting up early, driving to the city, visiting the orthodontist and reading about goat cheese and pork loin.

Beyond that, I bet the kids could tell you.

A picture thought to share:

My Middle Skittle at six years old. 
What a unique and precious girl, and what amazing changes in 
a blink of an eye 
just four years. 

Won't you pray for her with me? She is having a hard time lately. 

(You can enjoy other daybooks HERE)


  1. Laura you write so beautifully and seemingly effortlessly! I'm sure your children's book will turn out wonderfully!

    I was the oldest (eldest?elder?) sibling, from 8-18 were some of the least liked or enjoyed years of my life. Thankfully the Lord saw me through :)

    1. Thank you Susan for always being such an encouragement. I hope that I can be that for you someday. I am also the oldest, a joint oldest (I have a beautiful twin...wink). Yes, the Lord will see her through. My toughest times were early twenties.

  2. Laura, know that I pray for you and your family (including Mr. Santos) regularly. And one thing I'm sure of - God hears and answers prayers in ways that are beyond what we can imagine.

  3. Dearest Laura!

    I really love your blog, and hope others will find you and see why I enjoy it...so therefore I am giving you the Liebster Award. To accept this award you must answer my 11 questions (that I posted on my blog), come up with 11 questions of your own, and then nominate 3-11 other blogs that have less than 200 "followers" and which you would like others to find out about.
    If you don't wish to participate just let me know. :)

    1. Thank you Susan, I would love to accept the award! Only I don't have any blogs to recommend. I don't read many and don't feel comfortable about passing on the award. So whatever you think. God bless you and thanks again for your kindness.

    2. Lol, that's ok Laura, you don't have to do it, I just did it for fun, and it seems many already read your blog probably because you write so clearly and beautifully. The whole point of the "award" is to pass it on, so it's ok. I'm not consistent in the blogs I read either, but I like the idea that we can get more participation, and learn a little about others and how they think...that is the whole reason that I blog, to share my thoughts with others...

      I've been enjoying going back over your previous posts, about envy and forgiveness and the tormentors! So true!

      I have trouble myself with forgiveness and don't want to seem or be phony. I don't want to act like I've forgiven someone that doesn't want to be forgiven, doesn't think they need it, or just plain don't care, lol. But like you said, forgiveness is for me, not for them, just as the Bible also says. There are persons, two in particular, that I can do very well without. I avoid them as much as possible. One tried to steal my mom's wedding ring, my step father's (who is now passed away), my mom has dementia. As much as I want to forgive her, I just can't seem to and I don't trust her...she helps my brother care for my mom.

      Oh well, it is something that I ask the Lord to heal in His time. I don't feel a need for revenge, but the anger and hurt are still there. Something I keep turning over to Jesus. ;)

      Bless you and your little ones <3

    3. It's hard to forgive someone who doesn't care and won't change when it is given. I remember a woman asking me about a particular scenario. Let's say you are blind living in a house with other blind people. You all get along fine and have worked it out how to live together being blind.

      One day, a man comes and miraculously gives you sight. You can take no credit for your sight...no supplements, surgery, or tricks gave you sight. It was the man. Now, consider, how would this change your view of the other people, still blind, in your house? Would you blame them for being blind?

      This is a thought I go back to time and time again when faced with the need to forgive.

    4. Reading through the Bible (started with New Testament, not in OT) just read Leviticus 19 yesterday and when I read verse 14, I thought of what you said above ;-)

      Keeping my eyes on Jesus :)

  4. In spite of the difficulties you and your loved ones are facing, your hope in Christ shines through - that must be why it is a joy to read here :-)
    {speaking of Mr. Winter, we've had a visitor from the North Pole here lately -- lots of COLD air! but it's supposed to warm up to freezing!}


    1. Aye! So thankful it is just soggy grey over here. I'm always cold as it is! God bless you as you deal with Winter.

  5. Looking forward to hearing more about your children's book. How exciting. Sad to hear that your middle child is having difficulties. I know what it is like to have a child who is suffering as my youngest (21) is going though a very bad patch with depression, panic attacks and anxiety. We have good days and bad days which can be very stressful. In my prayers.

    1. I'm sorry Joluise about your son and the stress you are under. I pray that you will know God's comfort truly and deeply. You are in MY prayers.

    2. Thanks Laura, I couldn't get through this without the Lord, He is my strength, completely.

      Have a lovely week, very hot this week, over 100F:(

  6. Ah yes, if we know the love of Christ, all will be well.

    God bless your sweet spirit, Laura, and I hope all brightens up in Middle
    Skittle's world!

  7. I think my post comment got lost again...anyway, just to say that I've decided to put you and some other blog links for that Liebster award whether anyone does it or not doesn't really matter...I hoped it would generate more interest, and maybe it still will (?) Lord willing...anyway, hope you are having a wonderfully blessed day <3


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