January 24, 2014

An Award

Susan is a like-minded friend that visits often at The Times. She has chosen my blog to receive the Liebster award. Liebster means *favorite* or *beloved* in German. Isn't she kind?

She has a list of questions for me to answer. I hope you won't mind me posting my answers here for you to read also.

1. Who inspires you the most (person that you know or have known personally)?

I have been blessed with many inspirational people in my life. I hate to narrow it down to the *most* because they have touched so many different areas of my life. I guess the one who has inspired me for the most CHANGE, brought the most clarity and healing, is Janice McBride. She is an older woman who is honest, fearless, humble, intelligent. I will always be grateful for having known her.  Her website, if you would like to introduce yourself is: http://www.janicemcbride.com/

2. What is the most enjoyable part of your day? 

The morning hour (or so) right before I begin my day. I wake up, see my tree waving at me through the window, and talk with my Lord. I may read my Bible or a devotional at this time. 

I love that time to charge (brace) myself for whatever lies ahead.

3. If you could change one thing in this world, what would it be? 

Only one? I would end slavery. Truly. There are so many ugly things that fall under "slavery." 

4. What activities or plans are on your calendar for 2014 and which one do you most look forward to?

Oh my. Life is so "daily" for us right now. We are, however, going to visit family and Disneyland soon. We are looking forward to that. 

5. What is your favorite hymn or piece of music/song?

Come thou fount of many blessings, especially verse 3:

O to grace how great a debtor 
daily I'm constrained to be! 
Let thy goodness, like a fetter, 
bind my wandering heart to thee. 
Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it, 
prone to leave the God I love; 
here's my heart, O take and seal it, 
seal it for thy courts above. 

6. Pets...do you have them? Why or why not? and what is your favorite zoo animal?

No pets. They are not allowed in our rental home. We used to have a dearly loved pet chicken, named Biscuit. She was quite a character, so fun, and she graciously contributed a fresh egg to the family every day.

My favorite zoo animal is the giraffe.

7. Link to (or your own recipe for) your favorite main dish (please and thank you)

Cheese bread

One loaf of italian or french bread
Shredded cheese
chopped ham
chopped green onions
chopped tomato

Combine first four ingredients with just enough mayo to make it all stick together (not too much). Cut lengthwise the loaf of bread and spread both sides with a thin layer of butter. Spread cheese mixture on each slice. Place the bread on a cookie sheet and bake in hot oven until the cheese melts. Once the cheese has melted, broil until bubbly. Cut and serve with a green salad.

8. Describe a commonly seen behavior that you find most annoying/disturbing.

Visiting a friend with your phone in full view...checking texts, facebook, etc. 

9. What new hobby or craft would you like to learn?

I love embroidery, but I am not very good at it. It would be nice to improve and learn more.

10. What books have you read (besides the Bible) that have left the most profound impact?

This is hard. I don't read many books and the ones I do read, I read over and over until they become good friends. George MacDonald is my man. I like the older novels by Isabella Alden, Amy LeFeuvre, and others in their genre...the Lamplighter Publishing books always leave a profound impact.

11. What was your favorite film that you saw in 2013? (new release in the theater... or it could be an oldie that you saw on television)

I didn't go to the movies in 2013. I don't own a television. I enjoyed watching Larkrise to Candleford and found it hard to pull myself away from watching White Collar. Oh wait! I did enjoy the movie Return to Me. I saw that in 2013.

Thank you, Susan, for your friendship and kindness!


  1. Congratulations! And, thanks for introducing me to three new quality book authors. I've looked them up on Amazon. They seem just what I like, too.

  2. I enjoyed reading your answers Laura, so true about slavery! I am reading through the OT and while in Leviticus I found something interesting that I didn't notice before. There is a difference made between servant and slave, the Israelites were not allowed to make another Israelite a slave, however they could have Israeli servants! This requires more study! Anyway, always a delight to read your thoughts/ideas/inspirations <3

  3. I love it when a fellow blogger gets a Leibster award and shares all the interesting things that otherwise wouldn't come up. It's like playing the Ungame (hopefully the Christian version, which I love). Might you get a replacement for Biscuit sometime? Laying hens are such a comforting addition to a home environment.

  4. Congratulations, Laura! (Betty)


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