December 28, 2013

Happy New Year

GRANT me a wish now, O bonny NewYear,—
What do you wish me from far or anear? 
Show me your gifts and your treasures rare. 
Read me your prophecies, dark or fair

Wealth will you scatter, or fame, or power.
Sympathy, knowledge, or friendship's dower —
Gems from the Orient, pearls from the sea, 
Pledges and promises. Love's low plea?
What lies before me of loss or gain —
What is awaiting me, joy or pain?
What is my portion of bale or bliss —
Fate's cruel frown, or Fortune's kiss?
Mysteries sacred, and sweet demands —
Ministry, sorrow, and toiling hands?

Lift back the curtain, that I may know
Whither my footsteps, this year, may go
Will there be fountains along the way, 
Cooling my thirst by the night-time or day?
Pillars of cloud through the day, and by night
Pillars of flame that will guide me aright?
Balms that will soothe me, or darts and stings ? 
Sandals for pilgrimage, soaring wings? —
Wings are for angels; if mine should grow,
Life everlasting I then would know

Whate'er you wish then, O bright New Year,
Whether that wish bring a smile or tear,
Message and token it still shall be
Sent by my Father through you to me. 
Lead where my path will from day to day,
Still He will guide me along the way;
This is His covenant, tried and true —
"As is your day shall your strength be, too;" 
This is the word which my doubt shall soothe,
"Crooked made straight, and rough made smooth.''
Naught will I question as on I plod —
Whatever comes is the gift of God

Martha C. Oliver 
New Year's Wishes, 1905


  1. Beautiful, and happy new year Mrs Santos :) to you and loved ones.


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