December 14, 2013


"You have had a hard day at work. It is almost time to head home. You are frustrated over the events of the day.This is how you feel: Frustrated. There is no problem here. In fact, if you are aware of God’s prompting, you may even know how to take that emotion, that frustration, to Him, and tell Him all about it. He wants to connect with you, He wants to hear you be authentic with Him. Remember Cain? “Cain, why are you angry?” God asked. He knows how we feel and He wants to meet with us in it.

However, let’s say that you don’t go to the Father. Instead, you think about what would alleviate the emotion of frustration. What whim could you pursue that would replace the frustration with something that feels better? Alcohol? Pornography? Spending money? Eating? Working out? Achieving? There are so many ways we can try to replace emotion (authenticity), with the pursuit of whims (falsehood).

This, my friends, is what is desperately sick about our flesh. It is not what we feel that is the problem, it is our response to it that can lead us into a life of folly. King Solomon himself experienced all of these whims, and he makes no pretenses about it."

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