November 25, 2013

Tea Time

I am having...

Green Tea with mandarin orange.

What would you like?
Would you rather have coffee or I can serve you hot chocolate with marshmallows?

I brought home some fresh baked cinnamon rolls from my outing.
I'll warm one up for you.

I am feeling...

Glad to be home.

I was in Seattle all morning with Sophia. She now has braces!

Pedestrians, construction, detours, one-way streets, cement, parallel parking, traffic.

...So thankful for my quiet country life.
On my mind...


Wasn't God so good to give us time?

We don't need to forgive or endure in 10 year chunks...just this day, or hour, or moment, if need be.


What a pleasure it is to savor each joyful moment, counting them all and stacking them up as a wonderful treasure to go back to over and over again.

A good and perfect gift - time.

A couple pictures to share...


Before the piano recital


Backyard parade

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  1. Sweet family - nice post.



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