September 24, 2013

OK Fine, Fall is here. I guess I will accept the fact.

Isn't this guy a cutie? This is Max (sadly not OUR dog) laughing and asking
 "Are you gonna throw the ball for me now?"

We miss you Max!

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For Today

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Outside our window...

Noah, in his rain boots, swinging a stick in the air and walking around the yard. He was sent outside to play because sisters were being "harassed." I wish he had another boy to play with! He looks bored.

I am thankful...

for the opportunity and the freedom to home school my children.

I am wearing...

Warm clothes. I hate giving up my pretty summer dresses, but I am thankful to be warm.

From the kitchen..

chicken with Parmesan/broccoli rice for dinner

and some pears with biscuits for dessert.

We received an abundance of them from a sweet neighbor down the road.

I am learning...

that we cannot truly receive love from those we want to control.

 Perhaps that is why we don't always accept what God allows in our life?
We want to tell Him what to do and how to do it.

I am creating...

  Another song! Just got a tune for 2 Timothy 4:5-8 this morning. I've been singing it all day.

I am going... 

to a Voice of the Martyr's conference this weekend.

I wonder how it will be...

I am remembering...

I need to pack lunches for tomorrow's long day away from the house...violin classes and piano practice

I am reading...

Different blogs, Facebook updates and this book by C.H. Spurgeon.


Around the house...

Signs of Fall.  The candles are lit.

And Naomi is in her "Fall" uniform - a hat and a scarf at all times, even in the house.

She's already hard at work on Christmas Secrets...another sure sign of Fall.

A quote to share...

“It is supposed by some that religion makes people solemn, takes the sunshine out of their life, the joy out of their heart, the song out of their mouth. But the reverse of this is the truth. No other one in the world has such secrets of joy as has the Christian. Christ teaches his followers to rejoice. He bids them rejoice even in sorrow and trial.”

~ J.R. Miller

Some of my favorite things...

Include Lace. I love this new dress on Sophia.

Isn't it darling? Not as darling as she is!

A few plans for the rest of the month...

Enjoy the change in the season (against my will)
Bake a few loaves and batches
Hug my children more
Begin an embroidery sampler
Practice more Thankfulness

Speak less, listen more.

Some picture thoughts to share:

 of the Command Center for the Santos Children. 

The baskets are their "mailboxes" - useful for encouraging messages, little presents, or a good safety deposit box for something they don't want to lose.

They have their own personalized hanger with their chores attached.

When the job (written on the clothespin) is done, then they flip the clothespin over.

Here's a close-up of Naomi's hanger.
You can see she has four of her chores done (dusting, windows, clutter, setting the table for breakfast).

She has three separate clothespins for laundry.  That is her main job.  One for washing, one for folding, one for putting away. I do the ironing. It's about the only chore I do besides the meals. I like ironing while listening to a good sermon.

This has been a great system for our family, helping the home run smoothly.


  1. Always such a lovely view when we peek into your family and home :-)
    Yes, Sophia's lace dress is beautiful -- and your 'command center' is such a great idea.
    I think I appreciate the {sometimes} moderate weather of fall so much as it is a welcome relief between extremes of summer and winter! That and a favorite memory of childhood would be climbing a tree after school to enjoy an apple and a book.

    1. What a lovely childhood memory! That would certainly change things. I like the blue sky with with changing leaves...but we live in an area that usually has a grey sky. There truly is loveliness everywhere though. I just have to be willing to see it. Maybe all I need are some Warm socks ;)

  2. Beautiful blog! I love the clothes pin idea!

  3. Hi Laura,

    Been catching up on some of your your and your daughters photos, you are gifted truly! I'm sorry this has been such a difficult year for you, although I know that heavy times make us stronger and more dependant on Him, it is still difficult...I pray for lighter burdens for 2014 ;-)


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