May 29, 2013

The last days of May

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Outside our window...

Big Clouds. Blue water. Rhododendrons in full bloom.

I am thankful...

for the FRIENDSHIP of God.

Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knows not what his lord does: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you.
John 15:15

I am wearing...

A sky blue skirt and top with a floral cardigan sweater. My sweater has pearl buttons, so I put on some pearl earrings too. I have a pair of brown open toed heels. My walking shoes are in the car. When I am done with this post, I will pick up the children from music lessons and we will go for a walk.

From the kitchen..

We just finished a pot of white chicken chili.  I suppose the next "pot" will be tortilla soup.
I must use up the fresh cilantro. Maybe tacos also. But you all are probably tired of tacos.

We're not!

I am learning...

That the truth matters more to me than perspective.

That many people will fight hard for their perspective while denying the truth.

That Truth never changes, but perspective always does.

I am creating...

  Nothing. But the girls are working on scrapbook pages and Noah is making fun things from his Physics Kit.

I am happy to be around such creative people all day.

I am going... 

To buy a pot of flowers from the nursery today. I'll put it on a tree stump by our front door.

I love flowers, don't you?

I am remembering...

That my Auntie Nina and my Mom liked nuts.

A friend made us some wonderful chocolate chip cookies chock full of walnuts.

So yummy and such a cozy memory.

I am reading...

 Boundaries by Henry Cloud and John Townsend

Around the house...

A place for everything and everything in it's place.

Homemaking can be so satisfying at times!

A quote to share...

"The gospel is wide enough to include everyone and narrow enough to exclude legalists."
~ John MacArthur

Some of my favorite things...


Jasmine Tea

Pretty Dresses

Flamenco guitar music

A few plans for the month:

The Santos Times are in a place of waiting on the Lord.

I cannot plan for a whole month! I hardly know what tomorrow will bring. We are just waiting and taking one day at a time. I do plan on going for a walk, on taking the children to their sewing class tomorrow, seeing the chiropractor and perhaps visiting with some friends later in the week.
Life is hard yet pleasant, and we are waiting, waiting, waiting.

At least the waiting is also RESTING.

Resting in the sovereignty of a Great and Loving Father.

Some picture thoughts to share:

We took a short trip to California last week ~ just the children and I. 

It was five days full of sunshine! What a blessing!

God bless the rest of your month of May.  Leave me a comment and say Hi. I'll be sure to return the visit.

May 21, 2013

Better than the birds

I sing because I'm happy
I sing because I'm free!

His eye is on the sparrow
And I know he's watching over me.

These have been difficult days for The Santos Times. But God has been faithful to give rest, and peace and much joy! I am so thankful that God has saved a wretch like me. No matter what circumstance you are in, or who may be against you, God is for you and He will never leave you or forsake you. To forsake means to look away, to not consider anymore.  I'm so glad that the Lord is not like us...aren't we so quick to forsake others, especially when they don't agree with us or do what we want them to do?

Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they? 
Matthew 6:26

May 14, 2013

Hello Again!

It's been a while! How  have you all been? I've missed you!

These are some beautiful Mother's Day Roses I received.  
Pancakes and scrambled eggs cooked with salsa and feta cheese.

If you've seen my other pancake post, you know that I have improved.
 I found out that using coconut oil keeps them lighter.  

A simple picnic made for the moms by the daughters. 

Chicken and bean burritos with fresh strawberries.  
Individual bouquets of forget-me-nots make it special.

Warm sunshine, good friends, and edifying conversation make for a happy afternoon.

Have I told you that lilacs are one of my favorite flowers? Don't you just love Spring?

What do you think about these pretty clematis blooms?

Here are my lovies and their friend on their way to enjoy the Symphony.

Front row seats!

The pianist was the lovely Mya King ~ only 13 years old.

Intermission meant sharing a giant piece of homemade blueberry pie 
and a huge walnut fudge brownie.

This is a picture of a large room where our family has been resting.  
You can see that I have added some red to make it feel more like home.

I will be glad and rejoice in thy mercy: for thou hast considered my trouble; thou hast known my soul in adversities; And hast not shut me up into the hand of the enemy: thou hast set my feet in a large room.  
Psalm 31:7-8

The girls brought their own grandma made quilts


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