April 23, 2013

Spring in the meadow

Inspecting the pond.

Why, hello there!

Naomi caught it first. Noah wants his chance.

"Maybe I'll shoot it," he says

"Nah, let me catch it."
He Got Away!

Sibling Love

A lovely gift from a secret friend. Trillium from her yard.
The fragrance was very strong. I just love a thoughtful gift!

Our first attempt at homemade pizza. Not a pretty sight.
The first batch of dough was a heavy lump of brick.

But we persevered and the ingredients were good.
Italian sausage
three types of cheese

So, in spite of the big mess...

It was a tasty meal

My tulips are in full bloom!

Happy Day to you. We are so thankful for Spring

While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.
Genesis 8:22


  1. What beautiful spring pictures! And your tulips are gorgeous. I also loved the pic of the kids together. :)

    1. Thank you Michele. Sophia took most of them, including the one of all of the kids. I agree about the tulips. Every time I see them I smile.

  2. These were delightful photographs to view. The photographs certainly made me smile - such simple carefree moments spent in nature is certainly a blessing.

    Congratulations on your first pizza! It looks yummy and tempting, but I can't eat pizza anymore, ugh! :(

    Anyway, have a blessed day! :)

    1. Hi friend. We rarely eat pizza. It costs so much money (at least the kind that tastes really good) so this was a fun attempt. This one did not have any tomato sauce, only minced garlic and olive oil. It was very good! Sophia and I made it. She was frustrated with the dough but after trying again (which I forced her to do against her will ;)) she was happy. In the end we felt like making the dough didn't take any more time than it does for us to heat all the tortillas we eat when we have tacos -- and we eat tacos ALL the time!.

      Also, we are making a big change in our diet soon because of health. No sugar. It makes me want to cry when I think of it. Praying for you.

  3. The pizza looks yummier then the usual ones you get at restaurants! Do you own chickens? Well if you do that is cool i only have a cat though it is very old! At the moment we are in a modern house so that means we cant have a dog :( But my mum said we might be able to get one when me move! Sorry i am boring myself! Sophia is really good at taking pictures! And the frog is cute and the tulips look very pretty

    1. Yes,Ellis dear we have one chicken named Biscuit. The kids really want a dog, but our landlord (and me) says no. Thank you for your nice comment. Not boring at all!

  4. Was this the recipe I posted? The recipe is excellent - I roll mine very thin and make 2 trays:) They are far nicer than the ones you buy in the shop and as you say it is HEAPS cheaper to make.

    I have also rolled the dough thinly and covered it in tomato past, cheese and bacon and rolled it like a swiss roll and cut it into pieces (as in the link below) - this makes a very yummy snack for children and adults alike.


  5. Yes, this was the recipe you posted. It was very good and much better than take out. We will be making it again. Those pinwheels sound wonderful! Love to you,


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