April 11, 2013

Red quilts

I wish I took better pictures.
I wish the RED popped out better in these photos.
My mom loved quilts and giving gifts.
Knowing I like the color RED, she gave me two beautiful red quilts.
She was also working on quilts for my children which incorporated RED.  Unfortunately, she was only able to finish the piecing before she died.  We paid a lovely quilter to finish the quilting and binding so that we could enjoy them. I knew that if I attempted the job myself it might never be done.
The first two quilts you see are the gifts from my mom.
This is what my bed normally looks like.
The quilt is on back-side up or upside down ~ however you say it.
This is the pattern on the back.  I received this quilt about three or four years ago.

If I turn the quilt around you can see all the hearts.
This red and white one was hand quilted.
This was a very special quilt given to me almost ten years ago.

Here is the quilt my mom pieced for Sophia which we paid to have finished. 

This horse themed quilt Mom pieced for Naomi.

Even though these quilts were finished by another, they were entirely pieced by Mom. So, I bought these labels to sew on to the edge in remembrance.  We are blessed to have such special treasures from such a special person.


  1. Oh those are most certainly a treasure.....They are BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. Love, love, love quilts pieced by a Grandma -- and they are beautiful too.

  3. What treasured gifts to have from your mother and yes, they are beautiful. The one with the horses is just gorgeous and I am sure your daughter loves it to pieces.

  4. What treasures and works of art. I love the cheery red. So happy.

    Have a lovely day!

  5. I love the quilts your grandma must have been extremely skilful all of your pictures are so lovely. Please do check my blog out it is: www.loveyourviews.blogspot.co.uk


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