April 04, 2013

15 years!

Today marks the 15th Anniversary of the Santos Family.

All I can think of is my dear mother.

Perhaps you don't know that Mr. Santos and I eloped?

Is that what you call it when you decide to get married without your family's consent or approval or presence?

We were working in a fishery on a small island in Alaska.

Mr. Santos was my supervisor.

We met February 15th, and married on April 4th.

Every mother's worst nightmare?

I know it would be for me, now that I have children.

Only many years later did I realize what a selfish thing I had done.  

It was no coincidence that even though a sunny Spring day was forecast for our wedding 15 years ago a blizzard blew in with full force.

I remember calling my mother and telling her about the wedding, oblivious to any council she offered.  I remember her saying "Are you really going to do this?"  "Yes, of course Mom, that's why I'm calling you. To tell you the wonderful news!"

Do you know what she did?

She rushed by FedEx a gift box to me.  In that box was a wedding dress and many cards full of all her good hopes for me.

My heart aches as I look back at how much I took it all for granted.

I was thankful, but I was clueless.

I had no idea the piercing pain I was causing to my poor mother by marrying a stranger to her and by not including her in my wedding.  On top of all that, we excitedly told her that after the wedding we were immediately moving to Washington, which was 1000 miles away from her.

What a blow.

I have learned a lot in the last 15 years. God has been gracious and extremely merciful to me and my family.  I will always be thankful for my mother, that through all  of my rebellion she loved me.  She prayed for me and visited me far more than I ever visited her.  My mother was there for every birth of my children.  She sent packages to them regularly. She accepted and loved Mr. Santos as a son right away.  She never spoke negatively to me about my husband, or our decision to live so far away, though I know she struggled. 

My mom was always, ALWAYS, a blessing to The Santos Family.

I believe that we have been able to overcome so many obstacles and stay married because of her constant prayers, love and support.

Thank you, Lord, for the gift of my mother.  Thank you, Lord, for this Anniversary.

But thou, O Lord, art a God full of compassion, and gracious, longsuffering, and plenteous in mercy and truth.
Psalm 86:15


  1. Happy Anniversary!!! I wish you many more blessed years together.

    And isn't it amazing how wise our parents become as we age? ;)

  2. I did what you did and caused my parents much pain which took sometime to heal. Now, 25 later we have all recovered and my parents and I are very close. I was young and very silly and just didn't think of the consequences of what I was doing.

    Happy 15th wedding anniversary - may you and your dear husband have many more years of joy:))

    Blessings to the both of you.

    1. Joluise, During our first two years of marriage there was very little communication with my mom. But it never occurred to me that I did anything hurtful. I just thought she was rejecting me. When the grandkids came there was a lot of healing.

  3. This is such a heartfelt and honest post! I can identify and I thank you for sharing. Happy happy anniversary and more blessings on you and your family.

    1. Thank you dear. And blessings on YOU and your family too. :)


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