March 04, 2013

Sun's shining! Let's go outside!

A little treat I bought myself on my last trip to the grocery store...
only $1.00 to bring Spring into the house.

My tulips peeking up to brighten our lives. 
The screen is to keep our pet chicken from destroying them.
C'mon little babies, grow, grow, grow!

Just outside my door. They shine so much brighter with the sun warming them.

Sun's out! Time to ride!

This is her last month on that little bike
(Her birthday present is already hiding in the shed in all it's turquoise glory)

Biscuit enjoying a treat (lettuce and cheese) with the sunshine
Drove (just five minutes) to the beach to enjoy the water views
and more sunshine.

Can you see Naomi's "friend" on the log?
The days when little girls tote around dolls and stuffed animals go by so quickly.

Sophia and I playing our favorite game, "Bananagrams"

Spring crocuses. Thank you Lord!


  1. Its always exciting to see the new growth of spring, you know it really is on its way. After 3 months of summer with both horrible hot weather and some very wet weather I am looking forward to Autumn. God knew it was a good idea to have 4 seasons, as we get tired of one, we move onto the next! We never linger too long on any.

    Children grew up fast, but once they become adults (as both mine are) that growth slows as adult maturity is much slower process.

    Have a lovely week:)


  2. What a joyfully-happy post! I, too, am SOO looking forward to spring. I purchased a primrose too, only mine isn't as pretty as yours...the flowers all died and now it looks like a weed. :(


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