March 15, 2013

The Middle of March

 (green hills in honor of St. Patrick's Day)

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March 15, 2013

Outside our window...

Tiny leaves coming out on the raspberry canes. Signs of Spring!
I am thankful...

For a wonderful visit with one of my favorite people in the world.

I am wearing...

My mother's cameo necklace with a pink sweater, and a brown skirt.

From the kitchen..

Lots of questions.

Deciding to go gluten free for Sophia's sake. I don't know where to begin.

I am learning...

Contentment is cheerful.

Contentment is hopeful.

Contentment can bring rest.

I am creating...

 Several blog posts:
One on our recent camping trip, another on a great book I read and want to recommend, a post on forgiveness and finally, one on the progress of our sewing projects and our garden.
I am going... 

To a wedding ~ looking forward to a happy time!

I am remembering...

The "little" days. They go by so fast.

Ages 6, 4, and 3 

I am reading...

The book of Daniel with the kids.
The biography of Harold St. John. What a man!
This book is changing my life and it will be the topic of a coming post.
Around the house...

Lots of spaces begging for a good scrub!

A quote to share...

"Here is the glory of Bible study: that if we learn God's will, and then do it we shall grow like God.  But its peril is that we rest content with a knowledge of the text and go no further, like travelers who sit down in the road and imagine they have reached the king's palace." ~ Harold St. John
Some of my favorite things...

A quiet moment in the sunshine.

A kind compliment.

Pretty earrings.

A few plans for the month:

Well, the month is half over!

But there is still lots to look forward to...

A wedding,
A funeral,
A book signing party,
Naomi's 10th birthday,
Palm Sunday,
Good Friday,
and my favorite day of all days,
The Reason for all my hope and peace and joy~

Easter Sunday

(not for the chocolate eggs but for the Resurrection of my Savior Jesus Christ)
Some picture thoughts to share:
We wouldn't be the Santos Times without Mr. Santos.



Just a couple weeks until we mark our 15th wedding anniversary.

March 04, 2013

Sun's shining! Let's go outside!

A little treat I bought myself on my last trip to the grocery store...
only $1.00 to bring Spring into the house.

My tulips peeking up to brighten our lives. 
The screen is to keep our pet chicken from destroying them.
C'mon little babies, grow, grow, grow!

Just outside my door. They shine so much brighter with the sun warming them.

Sun's out! Time to ride!

This is her last month on that little bike
(Her birthday present is already hiding in the shed in all it's turquoise glory)

Biscuit enjoying a treat (lettuce and cheese) with the sunshine
Drove (just five minutes) to the beach to enjoy the water views
and more sunshine.

Can you see Naomi's "friend" on the log?
The days when little girls tote around dolls and stuffed animals go by so quickly.

Sophia and I playing our favorite game, "Bananagrams"

Spring crocuses. Thank you Lord!


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