December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas from the Santos Times. 
We pray that God would bless you as you consider His great gift to us in giving us a SAVIOR which is Christ the Lord.


For us?

Tamales (of course)
Ham and garlic potatoes
Salad and green been casserole
apple pie and cherry pie ala mode

Sparkling cider and cocoa

Christmas Eve service
Board games and hymns
The Christmas story recited by memory. (Have you memorized the story too?)
Open gifts at midnight (or thereabouts depending on whether the old people can make it)
Happy Happy Christmas to you all.


  1. Yes, the old people are Me and Mr. Santos

  2. Sounds *lovely*.....

    Merry Christmas to the Santos Family! :)

  3. Sounds perfect , have a wonderfull Christmas.


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