November 05, 2012

Some Fall Delights

The last of the summer flowers. This bouquet lasted a month!

Some of our garden produce.
Carrots anyone? We also have onions!

There they go - walking to the meadow to fly a kite. Sophia took the pictures.
I stayed home that day.

There goes Noah...

And Naomi with the "eagle" flying high behind them.
 It's raining, it's pouring, but no one is snoring!
Kindly keep your muddy boots outside


  1. Oh goodness, your header photo is *amazing*! This is the sweetest post, your kiddos are so CUTE. And that first picture, LOVE it.

    1. Thank you Mrs. B~ I love the header photo also. It is not my own. I found it on google images and tried to give credit, but our home computer has a virus on it and won't let me make any edits to my layout. Next time I get to the library I will post it's photographer.

      Thank you for your kind comment. It's always so nice to hear from good friends. Hope you have a wonderful day.

    2. hello! I love the new picture you put up it is beautiful. I love the pictures from your garden.I have been trying to update my page to but it keeps having issues.
      Have a wonderful day!

    3. Thank you Alicia~ I hope you have a wonderful day also. God bless you and your family.

  2. I wish my carrots grew like that - I have no success at all. However the broad beans have done very well. Lovely to catch up on your activities, love hearing what you are up to:)) Your children are looking lovely as ever.


    1. Hi Joluise~ How funny about the carrots. They seem to grow on their own over here. We were surprised to get tomatoes, but our Summer was pretty dry. I don't know what broad beans are. That probably sounds ignorant. I may look it up. Thank you for your kind comment about the children. I hope you are well and your family too. Say hello to Ruby!

  3. Hola Mrs. Santos! I love your lovely blog that I accidentally happened upon just now! So happy to make your acquaintance, please come visit my page when you have time. I'm also a wife of a wonderful man originally from El Salvador! God bless you richly as you serve the Lord daily in your home with so much joy! I've really enjoyed reading some of your posts today. Blessings~

    1. Hi Loveliness~ Thank you for your kind comments. I would love to come over for a visit. Look for my comments soon. Hope you have a wonderful day.


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