May 01, 2012

Mag and Margaret ~ a recent read-aloud

With every annoyance, though it was no more than a pin-prick, she went straight to Jesus Christ, and he was true to his word, as he always is, and she was able to bear it. You think her a very unusual girl?

I grant that.

I am sorry to have to admit it, but it is a sad fact that only an occasional girl, even among those who say that Jesus Christ has given them new hearts and that they mean to serve him, seem to believe exactly what he says, and trust him to help them keep their word.  If I can help those who read this story to realize that Mag Jessup was unlike other girls simply because she believed and tried, and not because of anything wonderful in the girl herself, I shall have accomplished a great deal.

If I can, in addition to that, induce others to ask themselves, "Why should not we be unusual girls and boys? and to resolve then and there, to try every day to live up to the rules that Jesus has given, I shall have accomplished that for which, above all other objects, I write.

I am sure that the grave trouble with the lives of many young Christians grows out of the fact that they do not consider selfishness, and occasional ill temper, and a nursing of the spirit that cries for petty revenge for ill-treatment, very bad faults; instead they think of them as states of mind that, as one girl expressed it, "can't be helped, anyhow, whether they are very bad or not, because they are so perfectly natural that you've got to feel them!"

What we want is no "natural" fruit, but that which grows after Jesus has become the Lord of the heart-garden.

Isabella Alden, author, Mag and Margaret.


We recently read this book on Sophia's Nook for free. Very edifying and enjoyable. You can find her titles to purchase at Keepers of the Faith.

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