April 20, 2012

Being Ready

Last week we had a survival class in our back yard.

The children learned several ways to find and purify water
start a fire and build a shelter.
It was great fun for them. 
We put together survival packs for each, which included all of the essentials.

Above, Sophia is learning how to use a Katadyn water purifier. 

It is an awesome tool.  Maybe someday we will get one. 
For now, we will use the old fashioned methods.

Here, the children talk over with the instructor different "disaster scenarios."

This is the survival kit we have in our car at all times.  
All the items fit snugly in a plastic tub.

firestarters, waterproof matches, hotties (hand warmers)
multipurpose tool/knife
emergency blanket
first aid kit
one change of clothes for each of us
water and purifying tablets

a bag of various teas and protein bars

And Body Balance - OF COURSE!

I have also decided to include my herbs and essential oils with our toiletries.

Here, Naomi is playing nurse to Sophia who got her foot banged up.
Every half hour she rubs her foot with a comfrey/aloe mixture and then some arnica oil.

She is a good little nurse learning how to care for others and Sophia, poor thing,
is learning to receive graciously.

Other things that we have done to prepare for "hard times" is to set several gallons of water aside, stock our pantry (which I had never done before), and keep propane and charcoal handy for outdoor cooking.


It is always easy to forget that God is Sovereign.

Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it,
prone to leave the God I love;
here's my heart, O take and seal it,
seal it for thy courts above.

Sometimes in my desire to be prepared for "whatever" I forget that it is God who provides for us.  It is God who has sustained us in the past and it is He who will sustain us in the future.

I was reminded the other day of Elijah.  In the middle of a "sore famine" God led him to a cave near a brook. He commanded the ravens to bring him bread and meat twice a day.  Then, when the brook dried up, He led him to an obedient widow who's oil and flour never ran out.  God is so good to His children.


  1. Hi Laura. Like the new look of the Times. :). Hope you all are doing well. Looks like a fun scout type activity in the back yard. Scouts are always prepared it seems. haha. Anyway, liked your scripture reference too. It is great that God is in charge of everything, even governments are in place because of His sovereign will. Takes the fear and worry out of the "end times" disaster stories I hear about all the time. call us sometime. Love you.

  2. These activity looks like so much fun, as well as being really, really useful.


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