April 02, 2012

Another Birthday! and glimpses of Spring

Did you know that if you have a daughter, and then
you blink that eleven whole years will go by?

Wasn't she a cute 3 year old?

Her gifts and cards

The Santos men writing their birthday messages on the chalkboard.

Birthday Breakfast. Sophia's request "egg, ham, and pepper jack cheese croissants"

Do you see Naomi holding her head? I told her "It's called sunshine!"

Sister and Brother

Naomi's solution to get through the day.  Notice she is indoors. LOL!

Gift from brother - lifesavers.

Gift from sister - gum

Gift from Mom and Dad - cake decorating supplies.
 Noah has his sunglasses on now!

Working on some secret messages from her birthday cards.

Birthday Board.

Cheese cake and tea later in the afternoon.


Spring has sprung!

Our sweet Biscuit hiding in the tree.

Beautiful views from near our home.

My little camera can't capture the crispness of the Cascade Mountains

Santos' trying not to blink - the children because of the sun, the mother because of the children.


  1. i was waiting for this entry. Hey! It looks like you found your camera! What a fun birthday. Love you Sophia!

    Auntie Cheri

    1. Hi Cher~ No, I did not find my camera. I just bought a new one with my gift from Mom. They were on sale at Costco.

  2. My son turned 11 on March 17th. I understand how you feel. It seems like one day I was holding his little self in my arms and the next he was barely fitting in my lap. Time goes by so quickly.

    Happy Birthday to your daughter.


    1. Hi Laurie! Happy birthday to your son!

  3. Happy birthday to your daughter - looks like she had a lovely day. I love her smile, its beautiful.

    1. Thankyou Joluise~ Your comment made her smile again. Happy day to you.

  4. Happy birthday, Sophia!
    Amazing how time just flies by, isn't it?

  5. May she have a beautiful day and wonderful year!


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