March 09, 2012

Diminishing numbers

The children were doing their math this morning.  Little did I know that this simple thing would cause bells to ring, sun to shine, doors to open.

I leaned over her shoulder to check her work.  The exercise was to put several random numbers in order beginning with the least and continuing with the greatest.  That's when it happened.  Suddenly, the verses in the Bible that say...

"And, behold, there are last which shall be first, 
and there are first which shall be last."
Matt 20:16

became clear to me.

I saw myself as number 465,329,752 and I needed to get down to number 1 in order to get to the top.  That meant I would have to subtract - subtract a whole lot - to get down to number 1.

What could I give up?

Everything. Every selfish thing or motive in my life.  The biggest piece. Being right all the time. My own comforts for the comforts of others.  Even my reputation for the sake of the gospel.  I needed to get rid of all these excess "numbers", trusting that this world is not my home, but seeking first the Kingdom of God.

"For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: 
and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it."
Matt 16:25

There is that maketh himself rich, yet hath nothing: 
there is that maketh himself poor, yet hath great riches. 
Proverbs 13:7

Think about it.


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