March 17, 2012

Classic Post

This is a re-post from last Summer.

I came across it this afternoon and I couldn't believe I wrote it.

Every incident today has been telling me what I am "wearing" (which is NOT pretty).  My response? 
"Uh, No, you are wrong. I am not wearing that!"

Then, I came across this post and WAMMO! Bang! I slammed right into a mirror and saw the truth.

I'm going now...

 to change into something more...

worthy.  God help me.


What are you wearing today?  Would you believe that some of us don't know what we are wearing until someone tells us - shows us?  How do they tell us what we are wearing?  Well...

They fail.


They hurt us.


They say something that we don't want to hear.


We can see what we are wearing.

We are wearing the old man ~ lies, anger, bitterness, malice, evil speakings, envies.

God tells us to put it OFF. (colossians 3)

And put ON the new man ~ bowels of mercy, kindness, humbleness of mind, meekness, long-suffering, forgiveness.

He also tells us to put ON ~ above all else ~ charity.

What is charity?  Many, many things. But the first thing is patient.  Charity (love) is patient.  That means it suffers long.  It is long-suffering. (1 Cor 13)

"But I can't be patient!  I've had it up to here!  I can't go on.  I can't take it anymore.  I just need a break!"

You are right. Apart from God, you can do nothing.  But he will give you strength.

"Strengthened with all might, according to his glorious power, unto all patience and longsuffering with joyfulness;" Colossians 1:11

Look closely at the verse.  What kind of strength?  With all might.  How?  According to his glorious power.  Not your power.  Not the power of positive thinking or deep breathing.  The glorious power of GOD.  For what purpose?  Unto all patience and long-suffering.  God will give you strength to be patient.  To wait.  To suffer if need be (for a long time).  And He will help you to do it joyfully ~ with joyfulness.  You will not wait sadly.  You will not wait angrily.  You will be patient full of JOY.

What are you wearing today?


  1. Hi Mrs Santos :)

    Your blog is like a breath of fresh air, very pretty. I wrote on the topic of what we wear spiritually also, here:

    but your post adds a bit more to the picture. Also I linked to your blog on a post here:

    I'm in Michigan, and the weather has been GORGEOUS lately. Hope you are enjoying nice weather as well and have a wonderful weekend.

    <3 Susan

  2. Hi Susan~ So glad you are having nice weather. The sun is shining today and I can't tell you what a relief and happy thing it is! Thank you for linking to my blog. I will come over as soon as I can for a peek and a comment.

    My daughter's birthday is this weekend so I am a bit limited on comp. time. "See" you soon and God bless you.


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