February 10, 2012

Headlines and Tea

I am having...

Green tea. It is late Friday night (8 p.m.) Hey, that's late when you're tired! But I so wanted to take a break with you.  I haven't really been blogging much lately--So much drama at the times.  Here are some of the headlines.

Neighbor boy shot in the eye with arrow by Santos child. Requires laser surgery.
(accidentally during target practice)

Electric Fire erupts in Santos Cottage.

Mice found living in shed at Santos Cottage.
Major clean-up underway.

Mrs. Santos reading missionary stories - unable to pull away from books for blogging.

I am feeling...

Glad. HE has made me glad. So much in this world to disappoint, yet he never disappoints.  Even when He is shrouded in mystery, He satisfies.  He is my satisfaction. He is my overwhelming satisfaction.  Do you know Jesus?

On my mind...

In my hearts desire to develop Godly character in my children I have turned into quite a nag.  God is showing me through many ways that I need to be more than tell.

This requires more work, but somehow it is so much less draining...and less disappointing.

For example, I want my children to be thorough in their work...no work left undone.  No sloppiness allowed. So I call them back to the job and together we finish cheerfully.  No more finger pointing, tongue wagging, complaining.  Pray for me! It is so easy to slip back into old habits.  I am trying to make new habits that will help my children and honor the Lord.

A quote to share...

"Good is good, but it is not enough; it must be God." ~ Mary Slessor, missionary to Africa

Some pictures from recent 'headlines'

 This lamp looks harmless enough...but wait till you see what a faulty lamp can do! Beware!

This is the damage after much clean-up.  The wall was all black but has been scrubbed.  We will replace the carpet this week.  So thankful that we are safe.  The Lord is good.  He is always good.

Please join my friend Ruth and others here for Tea Time


  1. Oh, dear Laura! I'm so sorry to hear all those mishaps in the house. Thank God that you're spared from worse fire trouble. Will be praying for your neighbor boy, too. I appreciate your attitude. I see a peaceful heart in your words. No bad news can ruin that peace. Bless your soul with restful and quiet days ahead.
    Hugs to you,

    1. Thank you Ruth. Hugs to you too. I know that you have been so busy and sick. I pray that you will also have some restful days. God bless you good.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about all of the struggles you've all had. You know, you are the 2nd person I've known who has had a house fire this week! It makes me want to go and unplug all of my lamps and appliances!

    And you are so wise.....nagging does no good at all. The person being nagged at learns to tune you out.

    As Ruth said, you always have such a good attitude about things! Great job Laura! :o)

    1. Thank you for your encouragement Michele. What a smile it put on my face - and even lightened my load a bit too. God bless you and yours today.

  3. God's mercy indeed that the lamp fire wasn't any worse... We praise Him for keeping you safe.

    Love, A x

    1. Yes Anne, Praise God. The children were alone in the house, I was outside and they ran out screaming. It was quite an event.

  4. O'dear - may things improve this week. The Lord was watching over you and prevented a fire, it's a good reminded to the rest of us. I pray that the boy next door is ok.

    When things go bad, look up God is watching over you, what a comfort to know this.

    In my prayers this week :)

    1. Thank you Jo for your prayers. Our neighbor is fine and healing up quickly. Yes, it is good to know that God is in control. God bless you.


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