January 29, 2012

A new friend

I wanted to introduce you to one of my new friends.  Here is the story of how we met:


I was sitting alone, the weight on my shoulders making it hard to even lift my head.  Where did this weight come from and why was I carrying it?  I know the scriptures.  Cast all your cares upon me for I care for you. But how?

They call themselves Christians, yet they attack me, berate me, condemn me with lies.  Others, they don't claim Christ, but they know I do, attack me, berate me, condemn me.

All my wounds, bleeding.

All the bruises throbbing.

My mind in confusion.

Where are you Lord?  How long will I live among these difficult people?  Am I in sin?  Is what they say true? Is it all my fault?

Somehow I click to the website.  Somehow I click on the message. Somehow the Lord brings into my life a friend who speaks words of comfort and truth.  Through him (God loves to use his people) I knew to lay down my burden and the sin which so easily entangles to run with patience the race that is set before me.

It was as if the dull grey of the Santos Cottage turned into a bright meadow.  Suddenly, the sun was shining, and my confusion was turned to clarity.  Peace and Grace...Grace and Peace...strength to carry on.

Thank you Lord.

Sermon called "Titles of the Risen Lord" by my new friend, T. Austin Sparks.

Audio link to the same Sermon, by my new friend, T. Austin Sparks

If you, like me are searching for the truth, here is an excerpt:

Now this so much explains, does it not, the very title of the Holy Spirit that Jesus gave Him: “When He, the Spirit of Truth, is come” [John 16:13].  “The Spirit of Truth” – the Holy Spirit is THAT!  He is exact!  He is particular!  He sees through everything.  And if you and I walk in the Spirit, we shall be very true.  We shall be very real.  There would be nothing that is doubtful and false about us.  We shall be checked up on everything: upon maybe an exaggeration – maybe an exaggeration, it may be a pretence, a make-believe, anything that is not true, that is false, the Holy Spirit will check us up on that – not because He delights to bring us into judgment, but simply because it is so very important for the building of that which is going to stand, abide, and go through, and go right through to the end, and come out triumphant at the end.  It is so important that right from the foundation the thing should be true.   

The Lord will take us down, take us down, take us down, all to pieces, and bring us right down to the bottom in order to begin with what is true if there’s a superstructure that is unsafe because it is mixed or because it is not true.  And we ought to be thankful to the Lord that He does that.  I am sure we would say: “Lord, let there be no falsehood in my position, no untruth in what I profess.  There should be nothing that is not absolutely real in what people think about me.”  It’s very important.  You see, the Lord Jesus stands as He does, and as He may, to judge, and to be the Measure because He is the true Witness – the true Witness.  That is, He is the embodiment of the Truth.

Now that is a sombre word.  It’s a searching word.  It is not perhaps a very inspiring and uplifting word.  But, you see, after all, this is a title of the Risen Lord – a title of the Risen Lord.  Why did God raise Him from the dead?  Why could He be raised from the dead? God won’t raise a lie!  God will never even resuscitate a falsehood!  He was raised because He was the true Witness.  He had in His Own Person borne a true testimony to His Father, and to the thoughts of His Father.  It’s a matter of life whether there’s truth, you see.  Life can never go alongside of anything that’s not true.  Life demands the Truth.

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