January 10, 2012

First Daybook of 2012

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Outside our window...

It is wet from the rains last night. It looks to be a dry day today.

I am thankful...

For my washing machine. What an wonderful invention!

Then again, we might not have so many clothes without it, or the dilemmas of what to wear because of all our surplus. Still, I am thankful for my washing machine.

I am wearing...

Speaking of clothes, I am wearing brown. A brown suede skirt, brown tee and a blue denim shirt over.  I am wearing my hair down today, in curls and big silver hoop earrings.

From the kitchen...

Oranges. Bought a couple bags on sale last week so we have been eating orange wedges with every meal and in between too.

I am learning...

That it isn't FAITH if we can do it all ourselves.  God puts us in impossible situations so that He can do it.  I am learning He wants to increase my faith; my faith in HIM. So often I am not willing to follow Him into those impossible places because of my own shortcomings.

I think of the feeding of the 5000 in Matthew 14.  The disciples saw a great need.  The people were hungry and there was no food.  They asked Jesus to send the multitude away.  I always do that. I pray "God take this problem away." But what did Jesus do?

He said "They need not depart; you give them to eat."

If I was one of those disciples, I would have said "Uh, yeah. O.K. All I've got (and it isn't even mine to give) is a couple loaves and five fishes. Are you kidding me?"

"Bring them hither to me."

You know the rest of the story.

I am creating...

little creatures and pots out of clay.  There were some clay sets on sale (only 97 cents) after Christmas. Each child (and mom) got their own and we are playing with clay all afternoon.

I am going...

To stand on the promises of Christ my Savior and rest today.

I am remembering...

The wonderful morning the children and I shared.  A simple breakfast of muffins and oranges, then Bible reading and hymn singing.  Today, we didn't just go through the motions.  We really rejoiced in the Lord.  How Good God is.

I am reading...

The Psalms

I am hoping...

To write a little story with the children today.  It begins like this:

There once was a chicken named Biscuit.  She had a small family which included a wise older sister named Sophia, a giggly middle sister, Naomi, and a brave little cowboy named Noah.

Biscuit took great care of her little family.  One day, the three siblings got themselves into quite a mishap and if it hadn't been for her quick thinking, I don't know where the little family would be today.

Around the house...

Are organized and stocked up cupboards.  Sometimes the Lord will tell us to do something and we have a choice to do it or not.  Recently, it was on my heart to ready our house and supplies for an earthquake.

My target date was tomorrow (the 11th) and, by God's grace, I made it.  All is in readiness.  Will there be an earthquake tomorrow?  Who knows?  But I am ready.  If there is no earthquake did I not hear from the Lord?  Hm? Don't know about that.  

I once heard a story about a man that felt God wanted him to go to a friend's place of work and tell him the Gospel.  He was to tell him the gospel and invite him to a church meeting. He knew his friend was hostile to anything about God, but the urge to go and tell was very strong.  He went, absolutely positive that it was the day of Salvation for his friend, confident that his friend would listen and heed.

But, while the friend thanked him for his concern, he had no interest in going to church and believed that his salvation was not a problem.

A bit disturbed, the man remained confident that he had heard God's voice and obeyed.  The results were in God's hands.  It was years later, by a wonderful chain of "coincidences" that the man discovered something special about that event.  There was a janitor behind the counter fixing a broken drawer.  He heard the gospel message and the invitation to go to the meeting which was told to his boss.  It was for HIM. The message was for the JANITOR.  The janitor's life was changed that afternoon by the message.  So, we just trust and obey.

If you hear in the news about events in the Pacific Northwest, rest assured, we are prepared. (wink)

One of my favorite things...

pearls ~ so beautiful ~ especially pearl earrings.

A few plans for the week:

Make some more pumpkin bread (I want to freeze a few loaves.)

Here are some pictures thoughts to share...

A chicken alfredo pizza Sophia made at her cooking class.

New Year's Eve walk-n-ride at the beach.

It was COLD that day!

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  1. ...it isn't FAITH if we can do it all ourselves...

    Oh yes & thank you for always having such a delightful and encouraging post!

    Blessings to you this week ~ hopefully not in the form of an earthquake!

    {A former pastor used to say, 'A wise soldier is always prepared two or three lessons in advance' He'd also been a Marine, if that helps you see his mindset. ~ I'd call you a good, obedient soldier : ) }


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