December 05, 2011

December Plans

Sell Christmas Trees three days a week.
Hot apple cider and frosted cookies. Stoke the wood stove to keep warm. Put together a puzzle.  Struggle with trees in the field and on top of cars.  Pass out cutting saws and directions. Wish Merry Christmas to visitors. Pray for each customer that comes to our lot.

Enjoy all the Living Nativities around town.
Sit in the van waiting in long lines. Eat popcorn. Watch the Christmas story be acted out. Blast the heater with the windows rolled down.  Lean out of the car windows as we roll slowly through the "Town of Bethlehem."  Inhale all the exhaust from the hundreds of other cars visiting. Recognize and wave frantically at all our friends.

Sing a Christmas carol before we eat breakfast or lunch.
Today, Silent Night and O Come all ye Faithful

Participate in the Christmas Pageant at church.
Noah is a shepherd. Sophia will be the narrator.  Naomi is part of the Heavenly Host.

Make a list and counting it twice for what we can GIVE this year.
Strict (very strict) rule to not say or hint at what we want for a gift.  We may only speak about what we will give.  We give gifts in honor of our God who gave us the gift of His Son Jesus.

Pray daily for the gospel message to change the lives of our friends and family.
Pull a name from one basket for family. One basket for friends. One basket for missionaries.

Bake Cookies.
Molasses, Chocolate Chip, Almond Cookies, Snickerdoodles

Watch our favorite holiday films:
 It's a wonderful life, Charlie Brown Christmas, Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol."

Read through the list of Names of our God.
Today was Alpha and Omega (Revelation1:8)
Bread of Life (John 8:35)
Fir Tree (Hosea 14:8)

Go to Secret Sister Revealing Party.
Food, laughter, women enjoying each other's company. Reveal who I have been praying for and giving secret gifts to all year.  Draw another name for a new Secret Sister for 2012.

What are you doing this Merry Christmas Season?


  1. We will also be watching "It's A Wonderful Life" this season as well. We were supposed to watch the movie last year, which was when we bought it, but we forgot, ha, ha!

    The week of December 18th, I'll be spending lots of time in the kitchen making goodies for the holiday. We shall also be visiting my mother during that week as well.

    Not much other plans. Oh . . . I have decided to send out a few cards this year (if I remember) . . .

    My husband and I have decided to start keeping Christmas time very low key so we don't get overly stressed.

  2. Nothing very much yet. We don't do very much for Christmas, however I do buy gifts for a few close friend and my children/husband so that is now all done. My husband dislikes festive movies so they aren't watched unless its just me!! It all sounds very low key, doesn't it, well it is as we avoid all the Christmas hype completely. I work all the way to the 23rd so that will keep me busy but my husband finished up on the 16 th so he will soon be home. I love the pictures you selected, they are so pretty.


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