November 09, 2011


Wondering Wednesday!

I wonder...

Why hot dogs are so yummy.  Should I eat another?

I wonder...

How tall Noah will be when he grows up

I wonder...

If we will have snow this winter

I wonder...

If I will ever get all these pumpkins processed

I wonder...

If my family will get tired of eating pumpkin bread

I wonder...

What happened to that sweet lady I met at the pumpkin patch.  She is on my mind so much lately, that I have been praying for her.  Do you think it is strange to pray so regularly for someone you don't even know?

I wonder...

How I found grace in the sight of God.  Why me?  Why open my eyes to see His goodness? Thank you Lord.

I wonder...

What my sisters are doing today. What are they cooking for dinner? What are they wearing? I wonder if they are wondering about me too.

I wonder...

About pride.  Pride comes before a fall. Maybe it comes before a fall because it is so blinding.  We become blind to our own faults that we easily fall into sin and mischief.

I wonder...

If we should have tacos tonight or if I should try making that pumpkin soup recipe I found. Leaning heavily towards tacos...but I have all the ingredients for the soup.

I wonder...

What you are wondering about?


  1. I always wonder about you. I am wearing grey pants, and a grey and black striped long sleeved shirt with black socks and black converse tennis shoes that I wear nearly all the time. I am making chorizo and eggs for dinner, with fried potatoes. It smells good and I'm hungry. I hope Joseph doesn't mind such a simple meal and I'm wondering what to make him to pack for lunch tonight. I am hoping I can go to sleep tonight without waking up with pains. I am wishing I could see you and talk to you and hug and be hugged by you. I miss my sister Laura. Truth be told, I miss all of my sisters and all of my nieces and nephews. I am arguing with Joseph about where we will spend Thanksgiving and it is making my heart heavy that we're even fighting about it. I love you.

  2. Hi Leese~

    I'm glad you wonder about me too. We have been talking about Thanksgiving for a long time now. I think we should buy a helicopter. LOL. We met a man that recently built one. It would make a great homeschool project and we could fly down to Cali. anytime we wanted.
    You think?
    Hmm. The only thing is - Where would we land?
    I love you too.

  3. Hi seesters.

    I always wonder about you two, and Tina too. A lot. I am wearing black sweats with a maroon tank. Socks for the hard wood floors. The boys are dressed super cute, but I still have to get ready for the day!!! bleh. Last night I made tortilla soup, had left overs for lunch today. That is our go-to meal. Was thinking of pancakes and eggs tonight, but probably will make a vegetable soup with bacon. Hope it turns out. Will be my first time.

    I finished writing that article for the magazine and sent in my 2nd draft today, making suggested edits. It took a lot out of me and the fam. So glad it is over, for now. I really think you need to submit something Laura. You are a wonderful writer and even some of your blog entries would be perfect for the magazine.

    Mike is building a chicken coop. We want to get two, maybe three chickens. He is also building the beds for a garden. Times are very tough around here, but this is one of the many things to be thankful for. Love you my sisters. Why in the world are you in pain, Lisa????

    I am meeting up with old friends in Fresno over Thanksgiving holiday. Probably do a small feast here at home on That Thursday, and head out there afterwards.... Maybe we could catch up with you and Joseph some time Lisa.

    Laura, You could land your helicopter in the field across the street from our house. The neighbors would love it.

  4. Cher~ Send pics of the chicken coop! We wanna see. What magazine? I'm glad we have a potential landing spot...that made me smile.

    Love you,

  5. hi my sisters. I was so glad to read your comments!! Laura - after you visit Cheri you could land in our back yard! The dogs would love it, plus there is a park across the street - you could use that too. Or maybe you could come here first and we can ride with you in the helicopter to visit Cheri. I miss her, plus I've never been in a helicopter. It looks fun in the movies.

    Cheri - I really miss you guys. I hope we get to see you at Thanksgiving time. What magazine? Are they publishing your article?

    The pains are just small chest pains, but I am not worried - I just don't get enough sleep and think that and stress are hard on my body. Yes Laura - I know I need more nutrition, but nutrition is expensive and takes time.

    I wish Tina read this blog. It would be like a secret place the four of us meet. That would be nice.

    Why do so many people in my family have chickens? Interesting.


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