November 16, 2011

Wake up. Time for School!

a typical Monday through Friday at the Santos Times

Wake up.  

I know this may seem lazy to some, but we wake up when we wake up. Sometimes this is early, sometimes it is late.  We use the alarm clock when we have appointments or on music lesson days.  Also, Biscuit, our pet chicken, will wake us with her clucking if we are too late.  We wake up earlier on Saturdays and Sundays because those are the days I make a big breakfast for the family. But we don't do school on the weekends so forget that. I think this is one of the great privileges of homeschooling.  I never envy the mother's who must drop their children off at school early in the morning or the poor children shivering at the bus stop eating a pop tart.

Get ready and Clean the house.

The rule is to be clean and neat and ready for the day before we eat breakfast.  This includes a spotless house, made beds and brushed hair and teeth.

Eat Breakfast.

Our usual weekday breakfast is oatmeal with cinnamon and chopped apples (no sugar) and tea.  Boring, I know. Occasionally there will be toast or another fruit.

Bible Time.

Currently, we are reading through the books of Samuel.  It has been exciting! 

Memory Verses.

We review the Bible verses we know by memory.  We sing the ones we have set to music and we may memorize another or put another verse to a tune.  


Everyone does at least 4 pages in their books.  We use Horizon Math and LOVE it. This is a high priority for Mr. Santos, that his children be proficient in mathematics.  We rarely skip this lesson.

Copy Work

What the children copy varies.  Sometimes, the children will do their grammar assignments or some mind bender puzzles.  Other times they will copy a passage of scripture or a poem.  They may be required to write out lists: thankful lists, prayer lists, ways to serve lists. The point of the lesson is perfect penmanship.  But I think other skills are gained along the way.  


That says Laps not naps. LOL.  Once upon a time we took naps.  On a nice day (no rain or snow) the children do 10 laps around the property on their bike or  by running.  This is mostly for Noah, full of that boy energy, but the girls sometimes enjoy this activity too.


Leftovers.  Chopped veggies and cheese.  Sandwiches.  Treats.  

Clean Kitchen, Do Laundry, Practice Violin

We usually do these chores to a timer.  Our Santos work motto is "Fast and Thorough." 

SO...By now it is noon, or one or two or three in the afternoon...depending on when we woke up and when we finished our chores.  Finally, the children are free.  It is time for...


Not that school wasn't fun...but this time the children have a choice in what they can do.  These are the typical activities you will find them doing.

Play spy, store, library, cowboys and Indians, etc.
Read books.
Draw or color while listening to History Cd's. (Diana Waring) 
Take pictures
Go to the library
Write letters, stories, poems
Listen to Mom read aloud
Watch a science video
Swing on the swings
Play in the fort in the woods
Visit the neighbors horses
Play with friends
Do "experiments"

(Notice History, Science, Art, Creative writing and Reading are on the fun list)

What am I doing during "fun" time?  

Helping to settle disputes
Fixing Dinner
Reading /Writing Blogs
Talking on the phone
Reading to the children
Answering all the "MOOOOOOM!" summons.
Drinking Tea and sitting around with my feet up.

Throw the entire schedule out the window when it is a "Visiting Day" or we are at the farm.  

We love home schooling!

 Fig Leaf tea.  We recently discovered the wonderful health benefits of this sweet tea.  
I sleep like a baby when I drink it.  Now, I not only want an avocado tree, a rainier cherry tree, a fuji apple tree, but NOW I want a fig tree.  Trees, trees, trees.  Thank you, Lord.
More pumpkins for processing! Will I ever get done?  Planning on making several jars of Pumpkin Butter before the week is out.  Mr. Santos enjoys eating it in cooked chunks with some cinnamon, nutmeg, brown sugar and heavy cream poured over the top.  Well, now who wouldn't?

 The view of the path from our house to the road.  This is what it looked like yesterday when the children took the trash out to the curb for pick-up.  It was sunny, but COLD!

Little Naomi is crocheting a sweater for her bear, ON her bear.  Poor dear, I wish that I could teach her these skills.  I taught her how to make a chain, but that didn't satisfy her.  She made a bonnet recently. How? I don't know.  But it is adorable. I like to see her attempt new things even if she doesn't "know" how.  Sophia is like this with Music and Noah is like this with wood carving.  More blessings of home schooling!


  1. Your day sounds much like ours. It is such a blessing to be able to wake when ones body wants to. We do "laps" on the stairs in the house when the weather is yucky.

  2. I just love reading this and I felt I had journeyed through your day with you. Your schooling sounds like so much fun:) no wonder you look so happy.

    What do you do with pumpkin butter? I might hve to google it. Have a lovely remaining time this week.


  3. O.K. just so you know that if I let my kids sleep in (until their body clocks woke up) and then cleaned up the house BEFORE breakfast, we'd be just settling down to breakfast at about 2:00 p.m. The fact that you do all these things before lunch amazes me. So, yes, you are doing a great job!! You would be utterly unimpressed and bored here until nooon.


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