September 01, 2011

Sit with me! Have some tea

Please join my dear friend Ruth and others HERE for more Tea Time

I am having...

Lemon Ginger Tea.  It is warm and soothing. 

Having it in a cobalt blue mug.  And there is more in a plain porcelain tea pot when our cups are empty.  So drink up!
I am feeling...


On my mind...

So many things - happy things, sad things, serious and tragic things.
A milestone to share... 

I gave Sophia her first pair of earrings last weekend.

They were a gift to her to celebrate being in the Bible Bee.  She memorized about 100 verses. The goal was to memorize 250 verses.  But 100 is still quite an accomplishment!  And her father and I are more than proud of her.  She ranked number 205 out of 639 children in her division. (7-10 years old)

Isn't she lovely? I am already missing her as I see her changing from a child into a young lady.


Her sister, Naomi, threw a little party for her - decorating the table and even doing all of the food herself.

 Those square things are graham crackers with waffle pieces and peanut butter.  You can have them with or without pickles.  (he he)

Thanks NeNe for a fun party!


  1. You have such lovely parties at your house! : )

    Well done, Sophia!

  2. What a precious post! How lovely your daughters are. Hiding the Word is always a good thing, no matter the number of verses! I'm glad to have read your Tea Time post today. It blessed my heart.


  3. What a beautiful tea set! Hoping you have a lovely weekend! Cathy

  4. Oh sweet sister Naomi! what lovely table you prepared for your sister. I'm sure lovely Sophia is beaming with joy with all the love her family showed her.
    Congratulations Sophia for memorizing 100 verses!!! WOW, that is awesome! I wished I was asked to do that when I was younger. I've learned to read the Bible when I was already in high school.

    Thank you, Laura, for sharing your precious family time. This is a very heartwarming post.

    And yes, you have lovely girls in the house. She looks looks so pretty with those earrings.


  5. What a very clever girl, I'm not sure if my memory is that good, in fact I know it isn't. It is sad when your children start to grow up as there is nothing you can do.

    Love your special party, the food looked delicious.

    Those earrings will mean a lot to your daughter as they came from you.

  6. What a worthwhile endeavour - a hundred verses - wow! how precious a treasure trove stored up in her heart :)
    And how pretty these earrings are. Sorry, how pretty the face that's wearing them :)


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