September 28, 2011

If we would just take time to think

This is a moving documentary that had me in tears and Mr. Santos and I in deep discussion. So many people today, especially young people, believe what they believe without taking time out to know WHY. They don't take time to examine themselves, to think of their future, to think of the consequences of their beliefs.

Please watch this. Please. It is 30 minutes long. It is graphic and not for young children.


  1. I have watched this and have been involved in discussion with people on facebook - even though compelling I had issues with combining (comparing) the forced mass murder of millions of Jews at the command of the Nazi's to abortion (which is about personal choice). Even though both involve death, both are tragic, both complex - the issues are different.

    What I did find very disturbing was the young people who had never heard of Hitler and didn't know anything about the mass murder of innocent people. That was very disturbing. I have made sure my children knew about the horrors of WW2 because our next generation must never forget the horror and tragedy of war and that war is evil.

  2. Hi Jo~Yes, I couldn't believe there was any adult that didn't know who Hitler was.

    What moved me was that these people were thinking SERIOUSLY about life, it's value, and life after death for what seemed like the first time.

    Also, what Mr. Comfort endured (the difficult people and their harsh rebellious attitudes) all to tell them the truth, encouraged me to be bolder in sharing my faith.

    I think the comparison was with the "choice" Hitler made. At the time, and in his country it was "legal" to kill Jews. He made a choice and led Germany to make the same choice. They didn't consider Jews human and so followed him. So many people don't consider a child in the womb human and so don't think that abortion is wrong.


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