September 24, 2011

Dear Followers~

Are you a follower of The Santos Times?  I'm so glad you are! I have been thinking a lot about you.  This is a small blog with only 44 followers.  Some of you are Christians.  Some of you are Muslim.  Some of you are Catholic or Mormon or no religion at all. You come from all over the world to visit our little place.

I just want you to know that I am so happy to share our family times with you.  We are not very exciting or gifted or unique.  Yet, you visit us!  Thank you.

I just wanted you to know that I appreciate you and I pray for you.  God bless you today!  May you have peace in your heart whatever your circumstances are.


  1. Thank you, too, for sharing your family to us. You bless us so much. Each post is a blessing to read.

    Also, yesterday, our whole family had a blessed time listening to the Scripture songs you sent us. You are all gifted and unique! All the original music you created are all beautiful. We enjoyed listening to the beautiful verses you put in songs.

    God bless the Santos Family.

  2. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and sharing a small part of your life. We have never met and proabaly never will but I feel like I know a little about you and you come across as such a lovely lady with a lovely family. Thank you so much for this :)

    And small is always beautiful and precious:)

    Blessings for the coming week.

  3. Your blog has always been and continues to be a blessing in my life. I'm glad that I discovered your blog several years ago when you only had less than five followers (me being one of them). I've also appreciated your friendship as well.

    At any rate, I pray that God continues to bless The Santos Family. :)

  4. I LOVE your blog and am so thankful that you share bits and pieces of your life. You are a blessing!


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