August 31, 2011

They like 'em burned

Someday my children will be out and about at breakfast time and they may be served something that looks like this...

"I thought we were going to eat pancakes?"  They may question.

"These ARE pancakes silly Santos child."

With bewilderment, they will reply "I never saw any pancakes like this before!  Why aren't they black?"

 No, those little black things are not mini-charcoals.  They are plump blueberries.

Oh so you think it is child abuse to serve such a breakfast?  I would argue and say, "Look at Noah and Naomi reaching for seconds!"
The final pancake was a success by typical pancake standards.  But, after all the children had a taste, they shrugged their shoulders and said "I don't know, Mom. It's missing something.  Maybe you should cook it some more."


  1. I immediately feel hungry when I saw your pics.

  2. Pancakes are the one thing that I CANNOT make well! They turn-out different every time, and it's quite annoying! It seems that the more I make them, the worse they look, ugh!

    So, I really appreciated reading this post today. At least I am not alone in making not-so-perfect pancakes. However, I am sure that Naomi and Noah would disagree about your pancakes being less-than-perfect (smiles).


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