August 11, 2011

Tea Time

Please join my dear friend Ruth and others HERE for more Tea Time

I am having...

A cup of Jasmine tea ~ There really is no other tea that satisfies. 

Also, a piece of sourdough toast with homemade strawberry jam.  I like saying "homemade".  It is such a comfortable sounding word, don't you think?  This is my first successful try at making jam (nine pints).  I am a little proud of myself for doing something lasting with a harvest.  I usually just give away (or toss out when it rots- shame on me) any extra produce.

I am feeling...
A bit tired.  It is SO early in the morning, LOL. (6:00 a.m.) All summer I have been going back to sleep after sending Mr. Santos off to work...but today I am up. 

Bad habits are easily made with no effort at all...and some pleasure too.
But breaking those bad habits - oh how hard it is...and painful!

The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.

On my mind...

My sisters.  I miss them.  (If you read this, Hi Cheri, Hi Lisa, Hi Tina ~ I miss you.) 
A quote to share... 

Not very long can any family life go on unbroken. Death will visit every home. While we may, we should live together sweetly, patiently, loving and serving each other in all beautiful and Christly ways.

~ J.R. Miller


  1. thanks for sharing that beautiful quote, Laura.
    You are right about bad habits...
    I need to learn how you made your jam. We have very cheap fresh fruit here from our local market but ready-made jams in jars are very expensive. I, too, love the word "homemade". It sounds healthy!

    Hi to your sisters. I'm sure they are as sweet and lovely as you are.

  2. Hi Laura! I think we ALL share or have shared the same struggles as no worries! You're in very good and plentiful company!

    What all do you grow? I made blueberry freezer jam last year, oh it was so good! A month ago I discovered 2 jars of it that I didn't know were there...I thought we'd eaten it all! Such a GOOD SURPRISE :-D

    Have a blessed day!

  3. Was so glad to see that you were coming to Tea today too!
    I have not tried Jasmine tea...hope to now that you have made it sound so good!
    I know just what you mean about the word "homemade"...I like this too!
    And as per our quotes...we both of "family life" on our hearts today!
    Enjoy that toast and jam!

  4. Laura,

    Your breakfast sounds heavenly. I've never made jam, but I'm in the middle of canning tomatoes and jalapeƱos. Good for you for "putting up" your harvest!

    Oh, yes, I constantly work on breaking habits. They form so easily, don't they?

    Have a blessed day today in the Lord!


  5. That is one thing I plan to do this summer, make strawberry jam. I have collected all the jars, now I need to wait for the berries.

  6. I just love sour dough bread, but it doesn't love me. Speaking of habits, I have the bad habit of eating too much of these wonderful things, like bread and jam.:)I have one of those habit forming personalities. Hope you have a wonderful school year!


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