August 25, 2011

Tea Time (but just water)

I am having...

Water with a little grapefruit seed extract in it.  Had my tooth removed yesterday so the extract acts as an antibiotic.  It is hot today, YEAH!  80 degrees with a lovely breeze.  Does it get any better?  
I am feeling...

Hurt. And Angry. But, I am also feeling...

That it doesn't matter how I feel.  What am I doing?  How am I acting? 

I say...I love my family...what am I doing to prove that?
I say...I trust God...Am I being obedient or doing my own thing because I *really* trust myself more?

On my mind...

The choices we make.  If you are a Christian, you are a member of a body.  When one member suffers ( or sins), the whole body suffers.  When one member rejoices ( or obeys), the whole body rejoices.

A Quote to share...

FAITH, in its simplest, truest, mightiest form, is-to do God's will in the one thing revealing itself at the moment as duty. ~ George MacDonald

Please join my friend Ruth and others here for Tea Time


  1. In every details can you prove your love to your family.

  2. I appreciate you honesty, Laura. I can see hoe your heart struggles but still you are above your feelings and you know what must be done after all. Truly, it is only in God's power working in us that we are able to make right choices. And though we are feeling -people it is not an excuse to say that "we are just human" because He has given us the Holy Spirit to will and to do His commands which "first and foremost, to Love Him and to love one another.

    I'm sorry, this is a very late visit for Tea Talk. I'm sure you are feeling much better by now.

    Love and prayers,


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