August 01, 2011

Penny Auction

Sophia wanted to have a lemonade stand.  I said "No. There isn't much traffic around our house."

Noah wanted to have a birthday party. (He turned seven in July) "No, not this year."

Naomi wanted to have a picnic.

Hey! I know! Let's have a PENNY AUCTION!

We brought my rocking chair home from the farm and put the sofa out in front of the vegetable garden.  What a comfortable seating area.
With the dining room table brought outside next to the picnic table, there was plenty of room to put the food and drinks.  Mr. Santos provided hot dogs, fruit and lemonade for everyone.  Others brought chips, dessert and veggies.

Here's the group participating in the auction.  The items for bid are on the white blanket. 

The bidding started at 5 cents.  The children raised their paddle and bid up by the penny.  (for instance, 7, 48, 300)  It was great fun to hear them bid 650, 725, etc.
We had everything from cake decorating classes to Christian magazines to small bags of balls and cars. (all donated by the guests) The big ticket items were the homemade brownies.  It's amazing what a growing boy will bid for a plate of brownies all to himself ~ and there were quite a few growing boys there to compete with. 

 Here's one of our sweet friends receiving the doll house she bid on, AND one of our funny auctioneers.

 There's my Noah (in the hat raising his paddle high) desperately hoping he will win the bid for an airplane.
 Yep, he won...500 pennies for that toy there...almost his entire savings.  The hat he received from another mother who outbid him for it.  Wasn't that kind of her?
 This is "Biscuit".  She was up for bid and you will never guess who won.  Three siblings were entangled in a bidding war.  Whose chicken would it be?

The proud new owner of "Biscuit."  Sophia is trying to get the little hen to trust her enough to ride in the basket on her bike.

God took our little pennies ~ donations from the children ~ and multiplied them.  We had a very generous matching donation at the end, giving us the privilege of donating to Happy Community Foundation $275.00.

Me ~ before the penny auction.
Me ~ the next day ~ after the penny auction. 

We had a peaceful rest in our temporary outdoor living room ~ reading books, swinging in the hammock and feeling the sun on our face.  (can you see Noah on the hammock? He even sleeps with his new hat) Summertime fun!  What are you doing for fun this summer?


  1. (To use a very American word...) That was awesome! What fun.... and useful too.
    I know the weather can be *really* hot, but it still looks so wonderful to be out and about in the sun. Enjoy the rest of your summer hols :)

  2. I've never heard of a penny auction. Sounds like everyone had a good time! I liked the idea of having a temporary outdoor living room. :)

  3. Kudos as well to the furniture moving crew! Looks like a very fun day : )

  4. Anne ~ It was sunny and warm, but not hot, absolutely perfect weather. Melanie ~ thanks for the kudos. The furniture movers were yours truly and three small children.

    Thanks for your visit. We did have a fun time. The best thing was that every one was smiling or laughing most of the day.

  5. Lovely kids can usually add more fun to picnic, though sometimes they are naughty and make some trouble. Have a nice day. Greetings from China.

  6. Huang Hui~ yes, at times children are naughty. Thankfully, all the mothers were there and the children behaved well. :) Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Oh, Laura, this brought me to tears. I was already moved to hear about the penny auction and now I'm so blessed and encouraged to see all the pictures and read the story. Your donation will go a long way in blessing the hearts of many children in our community.

    God bless everyone who participated and our gratitude to your family for hosting.

  8. It looked like it was a beautiful sunny day- we are a few months off having days like that, still winter here.

    What a great day:), looks like the children enjoyed themselves.

  9. I LOVE this idea! Everything about it! The outdoor living room, the auction, the fellowship! Looks like your family had a wonderful time:)
    Your comment about boys and brownies made me laugh:)

  10. I must say, I JUST realized that the charity you donated your profit to is our dear friend Ruth's!!! HOW WONDERFUL!!!!


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