August 13, 2011

Summer Album

 This is one spoiled chicken. 
Here she is bundled up for her nap.
 Sleeping soundly
 Every ant, spider, worm or critter for her pleasure alone.
 The flower pots I admire through my window.
 They make my little grey box of a house smile with hospitality.
 Our pumpkin patch at the farm.
 Those little shoots Mr. Santos is walking over are supposed to be zinnias.  There is still a chance they will come up...if we can get some heat over here.  We have had sun, but no heat...only in the 70's
 The main Strawberry and Raspberry harvest is over, but we still go and pick a small bucket every day.
 My sunflowers.  They seem to be doing well.
 They should be taller than me in a couple weeks.
 Our daily berry ration...a sweet pleasure.
 The MEN. Always tending, working, weeding, sowing.  Mr. Santos puts in 3-4 hours an evening AFTER he gets off work.  God bless him. 
 Not only hard workers...But absolutely HANDSOME too.
 Tasty summer meals.  Corn salad with watermelon for dessert.
 These onions are growing in our back yard. 
 Corn...they are growing tall...but all green stalks corn yet. 
 My tomatoe plants.  Dreaming of salsa from my garden.
One rhubarb plant.  I have never cooked this before.  I once had some strawberry rhubarb cookies that were Divine...maybe that will be this plant's destiny.


  1. I enjoyed viewing your summer album. (o:

  2. Thank you for blessing me today with your lovely summer album.

  3. Mrs. Santos I really enjoyed your summer pictures. :) I also wanted to thank you for your comment on my blog last week and to let you know that I wrote a little about (o.kay, a lot) my journey with raw foods. I hope to share more on that in the weeks to come too.

  4. you have a lovely farm and family!


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