August 26, 2011

Staycation Spot #1

Believe it or not, we don't spend all our days pulling weeds at the farm.  Ha, I think I would go crazy if we did.  We have had fun this summer going on walks.  I thought I would share a few of our favorites with you.

Our Number 1 favorite is the walk down to Anderson Beach.  This trail is only open during the Summer because of the danger of slides and fallen trees. 

Here are the children ready for the hike down, down, down...

Right away we run into some obstacle across the trail.

 About half-way down you can see the promise of the beach waiting for you.

Uh-oh...more fallen trees.

 At the bottom, the trail level out to a fork.  Which way should we go?
 We went right!

 What a reward for our little hike.  Diamonds on the water...and our own "private" beach.

 But then we have to walk back up! It's quite a work-out.

 That's me in my big floppy hat and of course my yummy boy all covered in sand.
 This photo makes us laugh out loud every time...Sophia Lou, we're loving you!
Naomi, my elevator.


  1. What lovely photos, looks like a very pretty walk.

  2. Thank you for the reminder that God's greatest blessings are the simple pleasures in life!

  3. I enjoyed this post. Thanks for sharing, Laura. I'm glad to have a peek on your time away from farming. You deserve all the fun. you're blessed to have a beach just a walking distance from your house. It looks like a long walk, though. But still it's a big blessing I would be thankful for.

    I hope your family is safe from typhoon Irene. You were the first I had in mind when I heard the news.

    Praying for you....

  4. Love the shot of the kids running. Noah looks fast. Sophia can keep up with him cause she Is the oldest. Nene. Her ponytails make me laugh. Lol.

    The water one looks refreshing. Thanks for sharing your stagnation with us.

    Love you guys.

  5. Hey Cheri! That's not stagnation its staycation...cause we never go away for's a staycation. LOL

  6. Haha. Auto correct on my phone. :/.


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