July 11, 2011


To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: Ecc 3:1

This verse brings me comfort as I go about my house noticing things here and there. 

I open the closet and look for something to wear that I haven't worn a million times already ~ something new and pretty.  But, it is all the same old, same old.  I put on a denim skirt and a button up shirt.  I go to arrange my hair.  It may not be the season for clothes that make me sing, but I can put on a sweet smelling lotion.  I add some pretty 'dangly' earrings and some lipstick.  Ah, I feel better.

The washing machine is broken so the laundry is piled up and overflowing.  I remember the season of life when my appliances were new and helpful.  That season will come again.  For now, I separate the clothes and fill up some pillowcases with the laundry.  We will head out to the laundromat this afternoon.  I thank God for the quarters filling up my coin purse and my faithful van to get me there.  On the way home we will pick up the broken lawnmower from the shop.  The technician said it is "unrepairable."  The tall grass seems to laugh at me.

Later, I set the table for lunch.  Hmm. I only have four bowls that match.  Several have been broken over the years and I am down to four...but there are five people to serve.  The same goes for cups. I guess the table will look more eclectic than classic.  Not my style.  I prefer neat and clean and matching. The feelings of ungratefulness start to press.  Nope, I won't go there.  I will go outside and pick some sprigs of pine and some daisies.  Each place setting will get a matching bouquet.  If I put the food in the middle of the table for serving and add some pretty garnishings, they will hardly notice the unmatching dishes. Or, I will hardly notice.

The blinds in almost all the windows have something wrong about them.  The ones in the living room are bent.  The blinds in the dining room are vertical and some are missing.  And, in the children's room, the strings that pull them up and down are frayed so that the blinds don't stay straight.  I would love to just tear them all down and start fresh with something crisp and pretty.  But it is not the season for that.  Not yet.  I sigh.

A good scrubbing of the windows and some real effort at pulling and straightening brings in the sunshine and some neatness to the room.

The furniture is old, faded, torn in places, even stained.  Oh, how ugly it all looks.  But I just arrange it so that conversation is easy.  I fluff up the pillows and make things as neat as possible.  A little soap and water removes the darker stains.  In fact, I take the suds to the stains in the carpet too.  A few of the marks disappear.  I sigh.  This is encouragement for an ungrateful heart.

I turn the lamps so that the cracks or tears are facing the walls.

I make a batch of pecan pie muffins and arrange them on my pedestal cake plate. They didn't quite turn out...more chewy than they are supposed to be.  I'll call them pecan pie taffy instead.

After all of this, I smile.  I welcome my children to come in from playing outside and enjoy some taffy a muffin and some cold raw milk.  I prepare to welcome Mr. Santos with a strawberry smoothie.  I have laid out all his tools near the laundry room so that IF he is willing (and not too tired from a long day) he will find everything ready to fix the washing machine.  If he is not willing, I have a pretty basket ready to put all the tools into for convenience.  In this way, I can put the tools out of sight so that he doesn't feel "nagged."

God knows my needs.  He will provide in his time, in due season.  For now, I choose to be grateful.  It is not always easy.  But, staying out of the malls and the magazines, AND purposing to be grateful makes it easier.

But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out. And having food and raiment let us be therewith content.
 1 Timothy 6:6-8


  1. I rearranged our furniture this weekend cause I was feeling the same way. The man likes it okay. I'm not so sure. Lol. Going to switch out the pictures in our frames too. 10 cents a copy on sale at target... Poor thing my sister. Lol. If it's any consolation my beautiful light blue leather furniture has tears and marks too. Our season. I'm trying to give you a little company. :). (The old saying misery loves company?)Jk. I know you're not miserable. Sometimes I think about, well actually put my hope in, my "season" in Heaven. That brings me a burst of fresh contentment. :). Anyway, Love you.

  2. Mr. Santos fixed the washing machine! Yeah! I am so blessed and thankful!

  3. I'm glad the washing machine is fixed. I am so thankful to do laundry at home, so why oh why do I have such a hard time doing it?

    I liked how you put the bouquet on the table and how you put so much time and effort into little details to feel better and make things nicer around you and for your family. I should do that. I don't dress up, I don't decorate, I don't really do anything to make things "look" nice. Hm. You have given me much to think about. How I would like to make my home more welcoming for my husband.

    Thank you for sharing Laura. I love you. Lisa

  4. Thank you for dropping by. . . My cold has now gone, but my back is still playing up. I damaged my back when I was younger and it causes me grief off and on, fortunately mostly it is ok. I think it when this time because I was lifting a 16 month old bub and I had to lift my suitcase that weighed 14kg. No I haven't heard of the product you mentioned but I think, from my quick search, I can get it in Australia. It appears to come as a liquid.


  5. This is such a beautiful post.
    Thank you.
    I might think you have been peeking in my windows at the descriptions of the furniture and blinds and dishes!
    Well, at least both of our houses match!
    Recently, we were blessed to get new carpets in some bedrooms. In all of our years, we have never bought a new carpet. Now...we just look at it and no one wants to walk on it, ha ha!
    Still, we like our house to be "lived-in" as my mother always called her own home. The little things you mention here that you do in a moment to keep a grateful heart and see the beauty of things exemplifies a beautiful Christian wife and mother. Thank you for inspiring me this morning. When I do the umpteenth load of dishes by hand today (our dishwasher is broken, lol) I will sing Psalms and be thankful for the fresh well water that cleans our plates and cups! THANK YOU Mrs. S.!

  6. "staying out of the malls and magazines..." does help tame the Wanter. =) But you are a blessing with your efforts to make what you have pretty and appreciated!

  7. There is a saying goes that in China that: there is always lacking a cloth and a pair of shoes in a woman's closet, it seems that this saying also suits you.


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