June 20, 2011

Summer Day

Is it ok to have a day like this? Am I going to wake up tomorrow and find out there were a thousand things I was supposed to do and forgot?

Woke at a reasonable hour ~ as in, when I was ready to get up and not any sooner.

Cleaned the house.

Ate breakfast of yogurt and granola and read my Bible.

Then listened to a "bible study on tape" while the children and I put together a puzzle.

Lunch was grilled ham and cheese

Later took a leisurely drive to the farm where we picked some strawberries.  Left the weeds to themselves. They seem to like it out there and today I just didn't feel like disturbing them.

Came home to enjoy some pineapple coconut sorbet and

Work on the Bible Bee for a bit.

Put some leftover pilaf, steak bites and beans in a pot with some water and seasoning for soup.  Served it with corn chips. A warm, and satisfying meal to offer my man.

and now we are going to watch the conclusion of the movie "Moses" with Ben Kingsley.

I'm living a life of leisure today


  1. Aaaaaah, nice day I think. It's good for body and mind (and the rest of our family) for us to have these kind of days :)


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