May 05, 2011

Tea Time Break

These are pictures from last year around this time - a Tea-n-Ride at our neighbors house.  Children come and dress up as princesses and knights in shining armour and enjoy some "tea" (really pink lemonade) with cookies and a ride on a horse. What fun for a little one.  I posted these pictures to remind myself that the sun does shine in this part of the world. 
the tea table
"Sunny," a very sweet horse that the children ride.
That's me putting a helmet on my Knight in Shining Armour.

I shouldn't complain. We had a lovely sunny day yesterday.  The temperature got up to the 60's and we even felt the need to have some ice cream!  Our sunny days, however,  seem to be sandwiched in between stretches of grey. 

Please join my friend Ruth and others here for Tea Time

I am having...

A cup of jasmine tea in a red mug.  So happy to take a break with you...I need a break.
I am feeling...

Tired.  SOOOOO tired.  When it rains it pours (and I'm not referring to the weather).  The Bible says...
"But take diligent heed to do the commandment and the law, which Moses the servant of the LORD charged you, to love the LORD your God, and to walk in all his ways, and to keep his commandments, and to cleave unto him, and to serve him with all your heart and with all your soul."

The dictionary defines diligent as ~ marked by persevering, painstaking effort.

I've been working on being diligent here, but it just wipes me out.  No wonder Jesus often retreated to a solitary place.  If we had a t.v. I would go and veg out in front of it.  But no, I think I will get my Bible and go to my bed.  Y'all help keep me accountable to do what is right.  Thank you.  Plus, this warm cup of tea is helping me to unwind.
On my mind...

I am thinking that if there are things that are causing turmoil in my life, it is usually because there is something else on the throne of my life besides Jesus. 

Some favorites to share...

The Bible tells us what to think on...whatsoever things are lovely, true, pure, just, honest, of good report, virtuous, praise I thought I would just share some of my favorite things.  When I am tired, I get grumpy.  Maybe listing some of them will take the grumps away.

~ Chocolate (of course) ~ Sunshine ~ Tea Time talks with my blog friends ~ Bible study ~ George MacDonald (author) ~ Janice McBride (author, speaker) ~ Walks in the woods ~ A clean house ~ Lavender ~ Tulips ~ Spring and Summer ~ Swimming in a heated pool ~ Pearl earrings ~ An organized closet ~ Sunsets ~ Ah, I can feel the grumps leaving me. Thank you Lord. My old van that never gives up on me ~ fresh strawberries from the garden ~ the many shades of green we enjoy in the NW ~ wicker furniture ~ the color RED ~ children running ~ my husband's laugh ~ a frugal find

Guess y'all might be bored now.  Did I say Y'all twice in the same post?  I rarely say it in real life.  Well, thanks for "listening" and helping me to send the grumps on their unhappy way.  If you really want to help me, you will leave me a comment and tell me how Y'all get rid of your grumps.  Goodnight Y'all.  Y'all come back now, K?


  1. Mrs. Santos,

    Okay, what's with the y'all comments? Tee hee. :)

    I enjoyed reading your tea time today. I especially liked this quote:

    I am thinking that if there are things that are causing turmoil in my life, it is usually because there is something else on the throne of my life besides Jesus.

    Amen! This is very true.

    The sun is finally making an appearance here, yeah! However, when the middle of June hits, I'll be wanting it to be a bit cooler, as the summers here can be a bit sweltering, ugh! :)


    -L. Rose

  2. If you live in the NW and you say y'all - maybe you should be in the Guiness Book of World Records. Just kidding - I know you usually don't say that from your post.

    We've had quite a bit of rain here in Maryland during spring too. More than usual. The sun has peaked through also though.

    Enjoyed reading your post. I showed the pictures to my four year old. He likes animals.

    Thank you for sharing and visiting me.

  3. So, to drive the trumps away I take a hot bath, or give myself a pedicure. Or soak in the sun if there is any. :p. Sometimes I reflect on how much my kids have grown and look at old pics... Play with the boys and chuck the chores out the window... Pray, seek God in scripture... Hope this helps. Tea sounds nice.

  4. Oh yeah!!! The biggest driver of Grumps away for me is writing my five! Five positives of my husband for that day or that week. Keep it as recent as possible or else it doesn't work. Lol. And sharing your five with hubby and friends makes everyone happy. :).

  5. I'm blessed "listening" here, Laura. My heart is encouraged. Someone has beautifully expressed my heart and mind.
    I pray you feel a bit rested by now. If we're neighbors, we could both go to a Thai spa and enjoy a relaxing massage. My treat!

    Speaking of treat, I wanna give you a big hug!!! Your package arrived in Bangkok few days ago and my son handed the card, tea, and some sweets to me here in Manila when I saw him at the airport yesterday. What a surprise! Bless your sweet, sweet heart. Here you are feeling so tired and yet still blessing family's hearts (in 2 separate countries). My girls surely enjoyed the CD. Can't thank your family enough!

    I pray you have more restful days coming.

    Love and prayers,

  6. Sending you a hug and some sunshine to brighten your day. When I am tried I also get grumpy and snappy so I understand your comment. I like the idea of a hot bath, scented oil and candles + some quiet calm music. It certainly lifts the spirits.

    Happy mothers day.

    In Gods precious care

  7. The horse riding and children dressed as knights and such is a great idea for a birthday party! My little girl loves that type of thing...we might just do that for her next birthday. She takes riding lessons with a lady who actually brings her horses to parties. Thanks for the idea. Oh, I'm the queen of y'all because I live in the deep south. Very encouraging post. Thank you!


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