May 31, 2011

Daisy Dear

Once upon a time there was a happy brown seed named Daisy.  She lived with her family in a small envelope which was tucked safely in a kitchen drawer at the Santos Times.  Her life was quiet and predictable.  Except for the gentle sway when the drawer was opened, Daisy never moved. 

But one day everything changed. Mrs. Santos lifted the envelope out of the drawer.  This was a new sensation, indeed! What was happening?  Where was she going?  This was not planned!  Daisy's family tumbled about as Mrs. Santos rudely shook the envelope.  No longer happy, Daisy cried out.  Why?! How could this be?!

Full of fear, she crammed herself into the corner of the envelope and held on for dear life.  Mrs. Santos shook the seeds out into the palm of her hand.  Thankfully, Daisy was left behind. She watched as horror of horrors her entire family was pushed, one by one, into a dark hole in the ground.  Gone. Just like that. Never to be seen again.  She sighed heavily wondering what all this meant.

Mrs. Santos stapled the envelope to a stick marking the burial site of Daisy's family.  Daisy was left wedged tightly in it's corner, weeping for her loss. 

Time passed.  Daisy was safe and did not move, but she was changed.  No longer happy, she wondered what was the purpose for her life.

Then, one day she heard a voice like her sister's.  "Daisy, I see you."

Startled, Daisy replied, "What? Who's that? Where are you?"

"It's me, your sister! I see you in the envelope. Look down and you will see me!"

Daisy looked down out of the opening but all she could see were some little green shoots.  Of course the leaves were much bigger than Daisy, but they were just peeking out of the ground.

"I don't see you sister! I hear you, but I don't see you!"

"I'm here, Daisy. I'm the leaves you see poking out of the ground."

"But what happened to you? You don't look the same.  That can't be you."

"It is, my dear.  I died.  This is the beginnings of the new life I live now."

"Oh sister! I don't understand."

"Well, Mrs. Santos put us, the whole family, into the ground so that we could die. I'm sorry that you were left behind."

"But I don't want to die! I saw the whole thing! It was horrible!"

"Daisy, I confess, it was hard.  It was dark and lonely and it hurt.  But once I died, I started to live.  Something in me started to grow.  I have been growing ever since.  Now you see me here, but I am still growing.  I am so happy Daisy!  You will see how God is making me.  Every day He gives me water and sunshine.  It is wonderful.  And the ground I died in! Daisy it has nutrients! They make me strong. Without them I couldn't have pushed my way out of the ground into the light."

"Sister? Nutrients? I never heard of such a thing! The ground is so black and scary.  Where is the rest of the family?  I miss you all. I don't want to be lonely."

"Daisy, look at me. You will see that dying brings life."

Many days passed and Sister grew and grew.  Daisy watched the transformation with awe and fear.  With bitterness she realized she had nothing in common with Sister.  They didn't look alike at all. In fact, it was hard to imagine that they were from the same family.  Daisy was still her small brown self, but Sister was huge.  She towered above the stick that held Daisy's safe envelope. She was a beautiful green color and spread herself wide.  Daisy noticed several buds forming on the big plant that Sister had become.  She wondered to herself if all those buds hurt as they bulged and popped out of her leaves.

Sometimes the rain would fall on Sister and she would hang her stems low.  Daisy ached for her from the safety of the envelope.  But as soon as the rain was gone, Sister's stems would stand up tall as if she was trying to reach heaven.  She practically beamed.  On the days when the sun would shine a bit too hot, Sister looked as if she would wither and die all over again.  From the cool safety of the envelope, Daisy wondered if Sister would survive.  She did. 

It was early one morning, just after sunrise, when Daisy peeked out of the envelope to see how Sister fared.  She gasped! What was this?!  All those buds had opened.  Standing before her, regal and joyful, singing at the top of her lungs, was Sister.  The brightest and whitest daisies reaching to the sky.  How could this be?

"Look at me Daisy! Look at me! God has made me beautiful!  He has done a miraculous thing in my life!  I am what I was created to be."

Coming from Sister was the loveliest fragrance, the brightest colors, the happiest countenance. 

Daisy was confused.  It was all so wonderful and horrible at the same time.  Sister's life had purpose. But that purpose looked painful.  Daisy saw her give of herself to the bees and butterflies.  She saw the caterpillars eat a whole leaf off in one day.  Daisy couldn't imagine the pain. She even experienced the terror of watching Mrs. Santos cut off Sister's most beautiful bloom with a pair of scissors.  How DARE she! But the joy on Mrs. Santos's face...Sigh.  No one ever looked at Daisy that way.  No one ever held her little brown self to their nose to drink in fragrance and admire her beauty.  Surely she was safe in her envelope, but she was also useless.

"Sister?" Daisy ventured.

"Yes, my dear?" Sister replied.

"How can I be like you?"

"Well, you must first die little Daisy seed.  Then allow God to make you.  Take what He gives you, rain or shine, and you will grow."

"Oh Sister, I will.  I will!"

Full of faith, little Daisy prayed to her creator, "God, make me what you want me to be. Here is my life." With determination she wriggled herself out of the safety of the envelope and took the plunge into the black rich soil. 


  1. I'm taking my body balance.


    PS - you write very well Laura. You should be published. Have you ever considered writing childrens books or short stories or something? I think you should consider it - you have a real gift.
    Love you.

  2. Wow! What an amazing metaphor of the born again experience. I hope I can print this.....thank you so much for sharing! You definetly have a gift for writing.

  3. Thank you ladies for your kind comments about my writing. However, I know that "in my flesh dwells no good thing" (Rom 7:18)so God is the one who gets the glory for that. "Every good and perfect gift comes from the Lord." James 1:17

    1ofhis~ I didn't even think of a metaphor for being born again, but you are right! Cool! I was thinking more of the daily dying to ourselves...that it is not just dying to die, but dying to bring forth fruit...the fruit of the Spirit.

    God bless you both.


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