May 21, 2011

At the Movies

Sometimes it is hard to find entertaining movies for the family.  Just thought we would share a few of our family favorites with you. 

I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes:
Psalm 101:3

 There is an episode in Lark Rise where the villagers have a seance and call somebody back from the dead. I beg you to skip that episode.  There are still a few episodes we have not seen yet, but all in all, it has been a favorite and the catalyst for many good and deep conversations.
 An intense adventure!
 One of our favorite books turned into a film. 

 This is a great movie. I like it even better than the Earth episodes because all the glory is given to God. We also use this movie as a jump start for our science curriculum.
Anyone interested in Nutrition should watch this.  I recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing these recommendations! Indeed, it is hard to find good entertainment for the family. I've only seen The Climb and The Black Stallion. Thanks again!

  2. I haven't seen most of these so than you for sharing. I have been watching Lark.... but I haven't got to any scene that you mention so thank you for the warning.

    Did you see me review the other day on Babies. This is a lovely documentary.


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