April 05, 2011

No communication

For the next few days (weeks, months, forever?) Mr. Santos has decided that we will not have internet or phone at our house.  I am at the library to check my e-mail and to say hello to you all.

It is very strange to go "off-line".  I don't know what is going on in blogland. I am not up on the latest controversies. My friends can't call me and I can't call them. I have been tempted to rebel -  to demand my rights and not accept this limitation placed on me.

But instead, I am taking it as from the Lord. After all, he is in control of my life. Do I believe this?  We demonstrate what we believe by how we live.

Life has slowed WAY down.  My children and I  talk face to face more.  Our door is open to any visitors who want to know how we are.

So, there's the head's up.  I will be preparing posts for you all and trying to visit as I can.  Until then, the tea pot is whistling and the banana bread is warm.  Come over! 


  1. Oh, I will miss your posts! :(

    You have such a good attitude... it ministered to me and inspired me to be more submissive to those over me and to be supportive in their decisions... all of them!! :)

    I love you,

  2. Mrs Santos - you are very brave as I would struggle without the internet and couldn't live without the phone - the later is because my family do not live nearby and I need to remain in contact with them. Likewise my children. There was a time when many lived without the phone, so it can be done - more people wrote letters to share their lives, but people didn't live the same distances as we do today so dropping by was much easier.

    Out of interest, do you have access to a phone in case of an emergency eg public phone or neighbour?

    I understand your struggle and I probably would have been very (very) cross with my husband - unless he had a good reason. So I will pray that this change in your lives works harmoniously in your family.

    God Bless

  3. Man I wish I would have called you right back that other day!!! Now I can't get a hold of you, and we live too far away to come over. I sure hope people come to visit you, that this "quiet" time is a blessing in disguise, that it doesn't last forever, and that we could come over someday soon. Love you. Praying for you.

  4. Dearest Tarra~ I'm so glad that The Times have been a help to you. I will still be posting. Just not like I used to. I will have to "make appointments" for any posting. I can't give up the Times.

    Jo~ Yes, I have a cell phone for emergencies and I can visit the library to check e-mail. The children love it because they are "special friends" with the librarian. Always asking "Mom, don't we need to go to the library today?"

    Cher~ Yes, this time is a true blessing. Today the children and I spent the whole day together taking walks, reading, doing school, having snacks, laying in the daffodil rows soaking up the sun. We were not interrupted with phone calls or Mom checking her mail, or her account, or her blog, or anything. I am ashamed that this break had to be forced upon me to see how it controlled me.

  5. Okay, we will come over...you asked for it!!! ;-) Hugs to you!! Thanks for coming over, I so enjoy our chats and your love for the Lord!!

  6. I like your response.


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