April 26, 2011


Today we have the Family Version of the Daybook.  We had to read Mr. Santos' mind to get his answers, as he is not available at the moment.  His answers might not be accurate.  They are what WE (the wife and kids) think he would say. 

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011
Outside our window...
Sophia (10): red tulips
Naomi (8): trees
Noah (6): a dog
Dad: Top Secret
Mom: buds forming on the birch trees - yeah!
 I am thankful for...

Sophia (10): my family
Naomi (8): my parents
Noah (6): my skateboard
Dad: good health
Mom: my Bible, good friends, chocolate with almonds, my very old van that just keeps on running and running.

I am learning...

Sophia (10): Algebra
Naomi (8): to read and write
Noah (6): to read
Dad: how to apply my strengths to my new job
Mom: to be quick to hear and slow to speak.  Will I always be learning this?

From the kitchen...

Sophia (10): coffee cakes. They smell good. Too bad we can't eat them. They are to give away
Naomi (8): food
Noah (6): pictures on the fridge
Dad: It better be carne asada and a plate of cookies for dessert
Mom: Chicken soup with biscuits (sorry Mr. Santos)

I am wearing...

Sophia (10): purple plaid dress with a pink sweater. It doesn't really match.
Naomi (8): a flower dress with a shirt underneath.
Noah (6): overalls
Dad: what? clothes. shoes. hat.
Mom: a black sweater with a denim skirt and touseled hair.  Pearl earrings that make me look more made up than I am.

I am creating...

Sophia (10): a letter to my cousin
Naomi (8): a doctor's office
Noah (6): a doctor's office
Dad: a plan for saving money
Mom: a menu for a Mother's Tea party.

I am going...

Sophia (10): to go outside to ride my bike
Naomi (8): to the library
Noah (6): to play in my doctor's office
Dad: to be home late tonight, I have class.
Mom: to finish mailing my invitations to the Tea Party

I am remembering...

Sophia (10): last summer's Bible Bee. We signed up again this year.
Naomi (8): When we went to the museum. They had a kid size doctor's office there.
Noah (6): A big plane that flew by. It was big.
Dad: ship terminology for a test
Mom: I need to buy soap.

I am reading...

Sophia (10): Cameron Townsend, a missionary story
Naomi (8): Betsy and Tacy (sophia is reading it to me)
Noah (6): My body book. I just look at the pictures mostly.
Dad: Textbooks
Mom: Isaiah, the Gospels, and Richard Peck books to the children for school.  We just finished his "On the wings of Heroes" (about wwii) and are beginning "A long way from Chicago"

I am hoping...

Sophia (10): to buy a present for my friend today
Naomi (8): that Mom will come to my doctor's office
Noah (6): to go outside soon to swing on the hammock
Dad: that instead of chicken soup we will be having steak for dinner
Mom: that Mr. Santos will be happy with chicken soup.

I am hearing...

Sophia (10): The kids playing "doctor"
Naomi (8): the birds
Noah (6): what my mom is asking me for the daybook
Dad: what? this thing is a waste of time. you want to know what I'm HEARING?

Mom: The washer beeping...time to switch loads.

Around the house...

Sophia (10): the piano
Naomi (8): a couch
Noah (6): there's a gorilla cart outside. Is that whacha mean mom?
Dad: lots of work to do
Mom: sunshine darting in and out of the windows, giggles from the "doctor's" office, and two more coffee cakes to bake.

One of my favorite things...

Sophia (10): my bike
Naomi (8): horses
Noah (6): a gun
Dad: respect from my wife (and carne asada)
Mom: to laugh.  I just went to visit "the doctor" (playing with the children as they pretend).  They took an xray with an empty stapler, squirted something in my mouth (thankfully it was just plastic tasting water) and then picked up a small notepad to say "Will that be debit or credit?" I busted up laughing.
A few plans for the rest of the week:

Sophia (10): my mom makes my plans, but I hope we go to the library and to the store so I can buy that present.
Naomi (8): to swing on the hammock and sing songs
Noah (6): to go barefoot
Dad: work
Mom: help care for an elderly friend while his family is away at conferences.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing...

 The x-ray I received for my headache with the empty stapler.  It cost $600.00.  I charged it to my account.
The sign at the Doctor's office.  It read "Docter Naomi, Free Bibles."


  1. Mrs. Santos,

    LOL! I enjoyed your family version of the Simple Woman's Daybook. Maybe for next month, I will try this with my husband to see what kind of answers he comes-up with. I liked Mr. Santos' answers. Will you show them to him when he arrives home? :)

    Naomi's doctor's office is sure expensive! You should have asked if they take medical insurance, ha! :)

    BTW, I received your package in the mail this past Saturday. :) Be expecting a blog post about it sometime in the beginning of May. :)

    Blessings and Friendship,

    -L. Rose

  2. I LOVE this blog!!! I loved reading the kids and what you think Luis would have said and your answers. At first I thought the Doctors office was giving away bibs, but was glad when I re-read it to say Bibles :-). Thank you for the smiles and joy in reading.

    PS - I think $600 is the going rate - that's pretty good Naomi.
    PPS - Did you buy the present Sophia?
    PPPS - Did you get time in the hammock nephew?
    PPPPS - How was the soup?
    PPPPPS - I LOVE you all.

    Auntie Lisa

  3. I'm with you on the pearl earrings - it makes us look that extra bit special and that is important.

    I hope you wrote down on a list that you needed soap - so often I remember these things but forget once I get to the shop!! And end up getting something else.

    Loved sharing your day. Beautiful:)

  4. LR~ No, we did not show the answers to Mr. Santos. He's not too interested in blogs - even our own. I didn't think about insurance! lol. We rarely go to the doctor and in fact don't even have insurance in reality. I'm glad you got your package. Sorry it took so long to send.

    Lisa~ I'm glad we made you smile. Sophia has not gotten the present yet. Noah is forever in the hammock. And guess what? I went to make the soup and found a steak I forgot I bought (I know, what's wrong with me when I don't even know what is in my own fridge?) So, thinking I knew his thoughts, I made carne asada instead. He loved it. But guess what he was "hoping" for...chicken soup. HAH! We shouldn't try to read other peoples minds I guess. (smiles)

    Jo~ I found a travel size bar of soap in my cupboard. I was glad as I don't like to go shopping. I should just make my own. It seems like a fun project.


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