April 18, 2011

Back and Forth

He came out this morning.  Then he was gone.  Back and Forth, Back and Forth...Couldn't he stay for more than an hour or two?  Long enough to get the temperature into the 50's?

The sun has vanished again, home to his favorite place behind some thick grey clouds.  I've been told he's available for service in some southern locations.  Perhaps The Santos Times could arrange to visit him.  Although, it would be so much more convenient (not to mention affordable) if he would just come HERE for a visit.

Should the Lord be willing to send him our way, I have a list of chores for him to do:

1) Warm and color my skin and bones.  (I am currently still a pasty white with a tinge of blue.)

2) Refill my vitamin D tank (running on empty for a whole season now)

3) Inspire me to wash the OUTside of my van.

4) Feed and warm the garden and farm soil.

5) Make my tulips bloom.

6) Scatter some diamonds on the water.

7) Help me change out my heavy wardrobe for something light and Springy.

I think this is a doable list.  Don't you?  Lord, would you please send him over?  And, can he stay a while?

 The children at the farm.  The soil was warm from the sun, but the air was cold.  You can see in the back the dark grey clouds that the sun hides behind.

 The new wheelbarrow - and TOY.  Noah pushes from behind while a sister steers.  Then, just as it is about to go down a little slope or hill, he jumps in and they coast coast coast...screaming and laughing all the way.  When the weather warms up I imagine them pulling me around as I sip my iced tea.  You think?  Nah, they wouldn't put up with that for long.

Or maybe.  This is Noah's recent chalk drawing.


  1. Mrs. Santos,

    Yes, The Sun is a fickle little thing, isn't She? She was in my neck of the woods yesterday, but today, She decided to hide behind the clouds, sigh!

    I loved seeing the recent photos of your beautiful children. I see that your "little Noah" is growing-up to be quite a "little man" now. Your daughters are beautiful as well.

    Oh, and I am looking forward to the pictures of Noah pulling you along in the new wheel barrow. Tee hee. :)

    -L. Rose

  2. Oh Laura...I almost snorted coffee out of my nose when I read number 1 on your list! I too have a tinge of blue!!! Can't wait for that summer weather so the kids can run around outside eating popsicles...organic of course!!! ;-) Love you friend! Have a wonderful day!

  3. I am enjoying the last of the Autumn sun before we enter winter. Even though it can be sunny in winter, it isn't as strong and doesn't warm me as she does in summer. I noticed today when I hung out the washing that it didn't dry as well, she is weakening in her heat!

    While you are looking forward to summer, I am checking out my winter cloths and buying tights to wear.

    :) smiles to you


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