April 15, 2011

Are you a Christian?

I've been swimming in Missionary Biographies and am moved to action.  I don't know what the Lord has in store for me.  For now, I intend to teach my children the scriptures and pray that I would be aware of any open door to share the truth of the Gospel.  What about you?

"If sinners be damned, at least let them leap to Hell over our dead bodies. And if they perish, let them perish with our arms wrapped about their knees, imploring them to stay. If Hell must be filled, let it be filled in the teeth of our exertions, and let not one go unwarned and unprayed for."
~ Charles H. Spurgeon

"I wasn't God's first choice for what I've done for China…I don't know who it was…It must have been a man…a well-educated man. I don't know what happened. Perhaps he died. Perhaps he wasn't willing…and God looked down…and saw Gladys Aylward…And God said - "Well, she's willing."
~ Gladys Aylward

"A tiny group of believers who have the gospel keep mumbling it over and over to themselves. Meanwhile, millions who have never heard it once fall into the flames of eternal hell without ever hearing the salvation story."
~ K.P. Yohannan

"What are we here for, to have a good time with Christians or to save sinners?"
~ Malla Moe

"He must increase, but I must decrease."
~ John the Baptist

"Not called!" did you say? "Not heard the call," I think you should say. Put your ear down to the Bible, and hear him bid you go and pull sinners out of the fire of sin. Put your ear down to the burdened, agonized heart of humanity, and listen to its pitiful wail for help. Go stand by the gates of hell, and hear the damned entreat you to go to their father's house and bid their brothers and sisters, and servants and masters not to come there. And then look Christ in the face, whose mercy you have professed to obey, and tell him whether you will join heart and soul and body and circumstances in the march to publish his mercy to the world.
~ William Booth


  1. Oh my, this was very, very challenging. What are we thinking - wandering merrily on our way and not warning perishing sinners of their fate.
    Please God, give us all a heart for the lost...
    Thank you for posting

  2. Amen!!!

    I LOVE these quotes.

  3. Also agree, love the quotes.

    Have a wonderful God filled week


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