March 07, 2011

We'll Always have Banana Bread

My Dearest Mr. Santos, My Precious Lovies~

You can count on me.  You can count on me to...

~ Keep our home clean and neat.

~ To listen

~ To bake something yummy every week.

~ To make sure you've taken your Body Balance

~ To give you the first and biggest piece

~ To love all your artwork

~ To pray for you every day

~ To be on your side

~ To protect you at all costs

~ To point you to Jesus

~ To have the coffee and tea ready

~ To encourage you to be your best

From this day forward I want you to trust me.  To know that I will

~ not complain

~ I will smile in your face my love for you

~ I will wait patiently

~ I will speak kindly

~ I will be willing

I love you.  You can count on me.


  1. So very beautiful! What a godly pledge we are entrusted to make..

    Thank you for this beautiful post!

    God Bless you today.

  2. aaawww. How sweet. Love the title. Love you too.

  3. Mrs. Santos,

    This is a wonderful list! I pray that the Lord will help you to serve your family willing with love. :)

    -Lady Rose

  4. That is an excellent list to remember - perhaps have it on the fridge door as a reminder on those bad days - especially when I don't feel like smiling or being patient or snapping at one of the family.

    Blessings dear friend.


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