March 17, 2011

Tea Time

Thank you for joining me for tea.  I thought I would share some pictures of the very first Tea Party my daughters "hosted" years ago.  I am reminiscing as I look forward to a special Tea  Party I am hosting in the month of May.

Naomi @ 2 years old and Sophia @ 4 years old. I can't remember why Sophia is making that face. 4 year olds like to make funny faces. LOL. They decorated their hats with flowers from
the Camellia tree in our back yard.

Their tea table complete with heart shaped cakes, and a lollipop on each plate.

 Here are a few of the sweet little guests and some sandwiches with apples to fill them up.

A little box decorating for fun after all the treats.  Do you have any childhood tea party memories or dreams?

I am having...

Jasmine Tea that my Sophia served me in a large mug.  She will be TEN years old soon.  How time flies!
I am feeling...

Glad.  I got most of "the list" checked off today and feel content.  Just being faithful to move on to the next thing happily makes the day successful, even if the list goes unchecked.  I was also blessed with a lengthy conversation with an older woman.  She imparted some much needed wisdom in my life.

I am feeling Glad.

On my mind...

My next post.  My friend, Lady Rose, asked me to share what I am learning from my study of Revelation. 
I think it will be fun to do that.

A quote to share...

"Work is not always required. There is such a thing as sacred idleness."

— George MacDonald

Please join my friend Ruth and others here for Tea Time


  1. Mrs. Santos, What an absolutely beautiful tea table!!

    I must say that I never had a tea party--that I can remember--growing up sandwiched between two brothers. Recently, though, some dear young ladies invited all the moms with only sons to a tea party, and they did everything up just fine. It was wonderful, and one of the few tea parties I've attended. Such warm memories, even though they are recent.


  2. That is so adorable!!! I love watching children having tea parties. I never had such memory in my childhood. We had pretend meals with leaves and mud cakes but not a real one. Loved the photos. Thanks for sharing them, Laura. Tea party is not really part of our culture. I just adapted it through my years being with western friends, and fell in love with the idea.

    I look forward to read your post on your study of Revelation.


  3. Cuteness at its cutest form! Naomi and Sophia are just lovely! The first thing I noticed were their hearts. Oh how my heart sang! Pretty hats on angel heads! And lollipops on each plate - it's a fairytale tea party!

    What a delight this post is to me, Mrs. Santos. I am very happy you shared this. And Sophia serving you tea - how sweet.

  4. Mrs. Santos,

    Those pictures of the little girl's tea party are so precious. I'm sure many happy memories were made on that day.

    I like that quote by George MacDonald. It's a good one. I'll have to try and remember it.

    I'm looking forward to the Revelations post. :) Tee hee. I can't believe that you remembered I said that. :)


  5. That looks like so much fun. I have never had a "proper" tea party -I must do something about that one day but before I do I might need to buy a tea set as I don't have one - just our every day one, and that isn't quite the same.


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