February 26, 2011

Tea Time

Please join my friend Ruth and others here for Tea Time

I am having...

Earl Grey tea and TWO slices of the wheat bread I made yesterday, toasted and slathered in butter.  What a treat!

I am feeling...

Relaxed.  The house is clean and warm and a stack of magazines are calling my name.  Wish you were here.  It is much more fun to share a mag with friends.  To say, "Oh, Look at this lovely kitchen"  or "Listen to this quote."  I guess that is why some of us blog.

On my mind...

The "Septic Guy" is coming this afternoon.  There is a terrible odor outside.  This is one of the few times that I am glad we are just renters.  Still, I wonder what is in store?  No flushing, laundry, or dishwashing until he arrives.

link to share...

Rather than a quote, just wanted to share a link to a very beautiful tea table.  It is a High Tea Link Party.  My Sophia and I spent some "lovey time" (her love language is 'quality time') looking at all the table settings and judging them.  How we love a beautiful table setting, but the ones with food scored the highest.

  Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.  Thanks for having tea with me.

Oh, forgot to share a picture of my new tea pot.  I have been through so many over the years.  I don't know why I can't keep them around.  Guess we are just a little rough with our pots at the Times.
I like the fresh color and it holds lots of tea.  We use it for every meal.


  1. That is a beautiful tea pot. the septic man came to work the other day and it was so awful outside. Some of the odor came inside as well. All of that made me very glad we are on town water and sewer at home.

  2. Hello Mrs Santos, your new teapot is just lovely! Thank goodness for 'septic' guys our plumbing issues are sorted. Now that you mentioned laundry I remember mine:D (doing that in a bit) Thanks for having tea with me and the link you shared. I'm proceeding there after I post this.

  3. I love having tea with you, it always bring me joy. I also love that tea set in the photo.


  4. Hello my dear Laura,
    I wish I can browse those magazines with you!!!!!! I can't wait to visit that link. must hop on there after here.
    I’m home 3 days ago and still finding my way to go back to my normal routine. My girls and I were able to start a new year of home-schooling today, and that’s a big step already after all the "lovey times" we needed to have after our long absence. We also went to the university where we plan to send Ben. Now, we are just waiting to hear from them re his application.
    Well, that explains why I’m late in leaving a note here :-) I'm just glad to have this little time to visit and to know that you are feeling relaxed.

    The septic workers came while we were on the trip. My Ben took care of them while at work. So I'm glad to know we don't have to worry of overflow in the coming days.

    I'm also happy to know you appreciate what we do in our foundation. I'm encouraged. Thanks!

    P.S. that's a lovely lovely teapot!


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