January 18, 2011

Looking Pretty

"No matter what your size or your nationality or skin color or income, it is possible to dress femininely. Feminine dress transcends borders, language and culture." ~ Lady Lydia

I have this dress in a black and white polka dot. 
It is very comfortable and I'm afraid I wear it too often.
I paid $8.00 for it at the thrift store.

I have this skirt in brown. It looks and feels like suede.  I love wearing it.
I think a pair of cute boots would be great with it.

It was on sale at Christopher and Banks for $8.99

I love this blouse, but I have never seen one to buy. 
Looks like I will have to make it (or beg my mother to make it)
 This is such a cute retro outfit, although I prefer a longer skirt.
  Don't you love the feminine way her hair is done?

A young lady might finish this feminine dress with some fun cowboy boots.
I like this dress above. It seems so "country."

Reminds me of big kitchens and homemade pies.

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  1. I love your choice of dresses. I think we share the same taste in fashion and thoughts on modesty.

    I just bought 4 nice dresses for a dollar each from a second-hand shop. They all have spaghetti straps but I intended them to fit with my light sweaters. I also bought the ones one size less than my size to encourage me to do some weight loss these days.
    We can still look pretty without spending much, right?



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