December 03, 2010

Would you recognize a blessing if it came your way?

I know I have quoted it before, but I'm going to quote it again.

"You don't have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body."  ~ C.S. Lewis

It is so easy to forget this.  We go about life taking things in through our eyes, ears and mouth, living for what our senses experience.  It is so easy to forget that this is not our real home.  That is why I am thankful for suffering.  NO! I'm not looking to suffer.  NO! I don't think we should live our life in order to suffer...but suffering helps us not to forget.  It makes us look up.

What is suffering? "Having what we don't want or wanting what we don't have."

We were at The Farm the weekend after Thanksgiving.  It is the busiest weekend of the year for Christmas tree farmers.  Well, our farm is small.  We only have a few acres of trees to choose from.  We haven't been in business for long and we are also in the process of changing the farm to produce more food than trees.

I, however, showed up at the farm full of high hopes.  But they were soon dashed.  We sold some trees, but most of Saturday we were waving good bye to families who could not find what they were looking for.  I suppose the selection wasn't good enough.  How discouraging!  With a smile, we referred them to our neighbors who own several acres of beautiful Christmas trees.  The cars and trucks loaded with trees poured in and out of their property all day.  We watched them drive by while we twiddled our thumbs and made wreaths.  No sales for us. 

The temptation arises, to worry, to envy, to change the prices and compete with more force. 

But then, quietly and gently, that familiar Scripture song played itself in my head.

"Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we will remember the name of the Lord our God."

Yep.  We will remember the name of the Lord our God.  This is the time to focus on the birth of our SAVIOUR.  EMMANUEL which interpreted is God with us.

And so, I am back on track.  This is not the season to profit, but to give.  When my children start to say what they want for Christmas, I am quick to remind them it is not what they get, but what they give.  The only reason they do get is because someone else is doing just that...GIVING.

For God so loved the world that He GAVE...John 3:16.  What can I give today in honor of my friend and Saviour, Jesus Christ?


  1. Oh, how I love that CS Lewis quote!

    And I'm sorry you didn't sell more trees, it's discouraging, but God is faithful!

  2. I would buy a tree from you if I could. I wish I could see pictures of your wreaths.

    Love you

  3. Mrs. Santos,

    It is very discouraging sometimes to see others "getting all the gain and profits." It can make us feel that we are being "passed-over" for "something better." I'm sorry that you had this discouragement, but I am thankful that you were able find the Lord through your difficulty.

    Hang in there dear Mrs. Santos! :)


    -Lady Rose

  4. Hello Jaime~ So nice to have you visit. Yes, God IS faithful! Lisa, I am hoping to mail you a wreath this week...hoping. Lady Rose, God is so good to me, to teach me and draw me closer to him.

    Thank you for your comments ladies and for you kind visit to the times.


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